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W9865q TO MATT BROMAN from his associate T.B. McQuesten
Dec 20 1939
To: Matt Broman Niagara Falls Ontario
From: T.B. McQuesten

[ONTARIO CREST - shield and animals]
Niagara Parks Commission

C. Elliston Kaumeyer
General Manager
Toronto, December 20th 1939

Dear Matt.,1

I am to-day in receipt of your report covering the Training School for Apprentice Gardeners for 1939. I have read it with great care and interest.

I realize, as you say, that our Restaurant did not take advantage of the opportunity to use fresh vegetables during the summer, as a result of which, both you and the public were the losers. I hope this will be corrected next year as it is a very important part of the training of these boys, many of whom may become landscape gardeners to prepare food for the market.

I am interested in your description of the planting and the additional floral displays which I noted during the different seasons and which are very fine indeed.

I am also interested to see that Mr. Hamilton is helping along the general education of the lads in Botany. If any other subject occurs to you with which they should be made familiar, I should be glad to know of it. I do not think we should expand very much along the lines of general education, but a certain amount of it might be given by men we already have employed.

I note your reference to the Helleborus. Is that the Black Helleborus or Christmas Rose? I have tried to grow it but usually the frost comes and whilst it will live and be quite hardy, I have never had much success in producing flowers.

I also note with great approval the immense amount of stock you are building up. I would like to see everyone of these trees planted next year.

On the whole permit me to congratulate you on a very successful year's work. I do not know if you appreciate the extent to which you are giving some direction and purpose to quite a number of boys who would otherwise be without a job or a calling. The habits of industry and simplicity in which these boys are brought up, to my mind is a priceless advantage to them and this feature of the school is worth more than any expert training.

I meant also to say to you that irrespective of anything that has been done in the way of plans, I would like you to feel that you are in entire control to plan and execute, as means permit, the development of the garden in and around your nursery and including the area around the Glen, Restaurant and in fact any distance which you wish. For a number of reasons I have had to occasionally bring in outsiders and I may say I always do it with hesitation and regret, but I want you to feel that this area is your job and you will have no interference in any way whatsoever.2

I hope to see you before Christmas and before you start your trip, but in any event, permit me to extend a very hearty greeting for a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

With kind personal regards,
Believe me,
Faithfully yours,
T.B. McQuesten

Mr. K.M. Broman
The Niagara Parks Commission,
Niagara Falls, Ont.

1 Matt Broman worked very closely with T.B. McQuesten on many of his projects. The series of letters beginning with "986" are all the "Broman" letters. This document was originally numbered 986.1.17.1 but has been renumbered for cataloguing purposes.

2 This letter indicates two things: (1) T.B. McQuesten's interest in the plantings and the boys' horticultural school, and (2) his willingness to accord authority to his trusted employees.

For more information on T.B. McQuesten see his biography.

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