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W9865i TO MATT BROMAN from his associate, T.B. McQuesten
Dec 29 1944
To: Matt Broman, Queenston, Ontario.
From: T.B. McQuesten

69 James Street South
Dec 29th 1944

Dear Matt1

The turkey came yesterday in all its glory and I can assure you we are all ready to devour it on New Year's Day. I am only sorry you cannot share it with us. I also received the customary New Year's cigars which I will smoke in remembrance of past days and in expectation of better days to come.

We have all had an unsettling experience but this is life and we have to accept it and profit by it. I expected to take the fall but I never thought they would unseat you too.2 That is a piece of cold blooded vindictiveness but you can rise above it! As I told you over the telephone on Wednesday the City Council here put through my appointment for a three year term. We were waiting for this. My idea now is that our Commission will meet within the next week or so and take up your matter and we shall then get in touch with you.

I am anxious to get the Botanical Gardens work started and I think it should be possible this Spring that in providing you can get men. Fred3 has not been able to get enough to keep up with the work, you might have some such men in view but I would not make any arrangements until your own position is settled to your satisfaction.

About the house I have two properties in mind. One is a brick house on No. 2 Highway just east of the bridge on the north side of the Highway in front of the Rock Garden Hotel which is at the Eastern High level entrance. She looks rather shabby but it is not an old house and could be put into shape. The other is a stone cottage at Rock Chapple where our Boys School would be.

Fred without consulting me made an arrangement with a tenant and involving some work by himself and some by the tenant and gave him a lease. In the case of both houses we are faced with the war time regulations respecting notice and we cannot get immediate possession. When you have considered them however we will undertake the procedure necessary to obtain possession. In the meantime if you will look them over I can talk to you when I see you.

I hope in a few months we will both be settled into some good course of development work and we can start again and forget what lies behind.

In the meantime I am very grateful for your kindness in remembering and I wish you a good New Year. With kind regards, believe me.

Faithfully yours,
T.B. McQuesten

Matt Broman Esq.
Queenston, Ont

1 This letter refers to Matt and T.B. McQuesten losing their Govt. jobs and views for future employment.

Matt Broman worked very closely with Thomas B. McQuesten on many of his projects in Hamilton and in Niagara. There is a plaque commemorating Matt Broman's work at the RBG near the Thomas B. McQuesten High Level Bridge. There is also a small lookout park named after him on the brow overlooking King's Forest Park in Hamilton. The series of letters beginning with "986" are all part of the Broman collection. This document was originally numbered 986.1.101.2 but has been renumbered for cataloguing purposes.

For more information on T.B. McQuesten see his biography.

2 On May 4, 1944, Tom had received a letter from Ontario's Conservative premier, George Drew forcing him from his position as the Chairman of the Parks Commission (W-MCP7-1.148). Broman too was removed from his position on the board.

3 This may be a reference to Fred Flatman who cooperated on some of Thomas's projects in the Niagara region and at the RBG and Whitehern. Fred Flatman made the Hendrie Gates, the Navy Hall Gates and the metal flowers in the Whitehern garden.

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