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W9864t TO MATT BROMAN from his associate, T.B. McQuesten.
Dec 23 1943
To: Matt Broman, Niagara Falls, Ontario.
From: T.B. McQuesten.

69 James Street South,

Dec 23rd 1943.

Dear Matt,

I should like to tell you how much I enjoyed our Christmas dinner yesterday. The arrangements were perfect. The food could not be better and the whole affair passed off well. I hope the boys enjoyed it.

I wish you to know how much I value your continued loyalty and support. During this time of uncertainty there are many things that are quite trying to our patience but you have carried on regardless and without your help we would have to look upon the ruin of the things that you and I have given our time and energy to build up, you can always take it to your account that you have done more than anyone I know to put fresh life and ambitionand a sense of direction into a great many, gaining men whose lives are before them and who in receiving some reasonable discipline and experience in work which no one before had taught them, have been given an impetus in life which will be their most valued posession and which will not leave them and which they will never forget. These are the real contributions which a man like you can take to his fellow men and it is worth hearing much that is unpleasant in order to accomplish that. I have often said that we have to do good by stealth in this world and of course it is a fact of life which is evident in many activities that a man who is striving to occupy himself with what are undoutedly higher things is called upon to meet never ending difficulties in the way of performing them. I can imagine you sometimes as I do, feel the need of encouragment and these are a few of the things that ought to be said. May you be long spared and may you have that peace of mind which I often have detected in you which is in itself the manifestation of the real reward in life.

May you have a happy and successful New Year and for myself, I hope we may be long associated. Much kind personal regards and wishing you every good thing, believe me,

Faithfully yours,
T.B. McQuesten
Niagara Falls, Ont

Matt Broman, Esq.
Niagara Falls, Ont.

Address from envelope:
Matt Broman, Esq.,
Boys Gardening School,
Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Niagara Falls Commission.

Matt Broman worked very closely with Thomas B. McQuesten on many of his projects in Hamilton and in Niagara. There is a plaque commemorating Matt Broman's work at the RBG near the Thomas B. McQuesten High Level Bridge. There is also a small lookout park named after him on the brow overlooking King's Forest Park in Hamilton. The series of letters beginning with "986" are all part of the Broman collection. This document was originally numbered 986.1.086.2 but has been renumbered for cataloguing purposes.

For more information on T.B. McQuesten see his biography.

For other persons mentioned in the letters or for various plants and trees, search by name.

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