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W9862n TO T.B. MCQUESTEN from his associate Matt Broman
Nov 8 1941
To: T.B. McQuesten
From: Matt Broman, Niagara Falls, Ontario

November 8th, 1941.

Dear Sir:-

I received your letter of November 3rd with enclosed clipping about the "Grandfather of Pines", which reads as follows:-

"The Chile Pine,1 first discovered in Chile, is considered the grandfather of all pines. It was a thriving tree in the Jurassic period, millions of years ago."

They say that this tree, like the Ginko biloba, is well represented in a fossil state, and in earlier stages of the world's history filled an important place in its vegetation.

I have just received my films taken at the opening of the Bridge and they turned out all right. All I have to do now is to get the titles of all the films, and then they will be ready to be turned over to the bridge Commission next month.

I had the pleasure of discussing with you the matter of sending out Brown Beans2 to England for seed. We have 700 lbs. of good clean beans ready for you to send. You mentioned at the same time that you were going to speak to the Minister of Agriculture about these beans. This summer Professor E.F.Palmer at Vineland Experimental Station tried growing these beans but as yet I haven't heard his result. As for food value I can assure you there is no bean which can beat our Niagara Glen Bean, and the Boston Bean will be cut of[sic] the market.

Yours very respectfully,
[Matt Broman]3,4

To:Hon. T.B. McQuesten, K.C.,
Minister of Highways,
Queens Park, Toronto, Ontario.

1 There are several letters in this collection regarding the Chile Pine. Apparently Broman took some photos of the tree but it is not known where they are archived at present.

2 W9862u and W9862v appear to make reference to this bean.

3 Matt Broman worked very closely with Thomas B. McQuesten on many of his projects in Hamilton and in Niagara. There is a plaque commemorating Matt Broman's work at the RBG near the Thomas B. McQuesten High Level Bridge. There is also a small lookout park named after him on the brow overlooking King's Forest Park in Hamilton. The series of letters beginning with "986" are all part of the Broman collection.

For more information on T.B. McQuesten see his biography

4 This document was originally numbered 986.1.039 but has been renumbered for cataloguing purposes.

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