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W9021 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his friend Dr. Henry E. Handerson
Mar 29 1903
To: Dr. C.B. McQuesten 88 West Jackson Street Hamilton, Ontario
From: 444 Dunham Avenue Cleveland, Ohio

My dear Mac,

It was a genuine pleasure to see once more your familiar chirography and to learn that you were not only in the land of the living, but, in some respects, in better health than when we were associated in New York many years ago. For several years I had lost trace of you, and it was only quite recently that I learned from Mrs. Pratt that you had returned to your old home in Hamilton. I really hope we shall now be able to see more of each other for the few remaining years of our lives, and, as I am, for the present, rather tied down at home by the necessity of educating the children, I hope you can make it convenient to run over to Cleveland and make me a good, long visit.

The prospects of an early spring are flattering, and June in Cleveland is almost always a pleasant month. Etta, now twenty-two years old, will graduate from the Woman's College about the middle of June, and we should all enjoy having you come on to her commencement if that time would be convenient for you. If not, any other time will suit us just as well.

I have two boys, one, Clarence, aged fourteen, who will enter the High School next year, and Philip, aged six, who will probably begin his schooling in the Fall.

In the line of practice I am doing nothing, my health for the past four or five years having been rather precarious. Last spring and the year before I was compelled to go south for a time, but during the present winter and spring thus far I have been unusually well, and I hope now to escape my southern trip. Eczema of the hands has given me much trouble for the past four or five years, though this winter I have thus far practically escaped.

I write some for the medical journals, and last Fall had to be pretty active in aiding the Health Officer here to [jugulate?] a threatening epidemic of small-pox. We vaccinated about 200,000 people in two months and are now enjoying our reward, so the small-pox hospital was vacated and disinfected last week. But private practice I have substantially had to abandon.

I hear frequently from the Pratts in New York, though I have not been to the City but once since I saw you in Asbury Park. They have had considerable [?], and Mr. & Mrs. Pratt are, I think, breaking some, though they all manage to [?] about. Hal had a very severe attack of acute nephritis several years ago, came out to visit me, and I thought for a time would die here, but he finally rallied and has been fairly well since, though some albumen still remains in his urine. He is working in an electrical factory in [?]. The girls are busy in various departments of Columbia College, are good girls and, I think, doing well.

Of our old friends in the medical profession of New York I presume you know [?] I. T. Gaillard Thomas died a few weeks ago in Georgia, but I have no other news.

My wife and Etta send kind remembrances, and we shall all expect a visit from you some time during the spring or summer. Write when the spirit moves you.

Sincerely yours,
H. E. Handerson1
9023 [envelope]
Dr. H. E. Handerson
444 Dunham Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio [addressed to]
Dr. C. B. McQuesten,
88 West Jackson St.,
Hamilton, Ontario,
[written vertically on left side of envelope]
Dr. H.E.H.
Recd 3/31/03
Ans 5/14/03

1 Dr. Henry E. Handerson is an old friend from Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten's medical shool days. Handerson was a fellow-student with Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten in medical school. For Handerson's letters, see W1370, W1373, W1449, W1453, W1541, W9021, W9024, W9027, W1474,

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