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W8716a TO REV. CALVIN AND MARY BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from their mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Sep 1 1924
To: Calvin and Mary McQuesten Whitehern, Jackson St. West Hamilton Ontario
From: St. Enoch Station Hotel Glasgow Scotland

Dearest Calvin and Mary,

Have a few minutes waiting for Hilda's return. Coming here from Braemar. Tom fell in with Hugh Edwards, Welshman, who writes for B.W., very friendly, on way to preach here and speak at celebration of Covenanters1. Offered to call for us and take us so we were taken out to a hillside (so as to be more realistic tho' raining). Pipes played lament etc. We were honoured with seats on a small covered platform, adorned with heather. After Mr. Edwards' speech came Rev. Jas. Barr of great repute an orator on the Covenanters. An immense rugged man, who roared and aroused great enthusiasm. Chairman insisted on Tom, as Canadian Barrister, speaking and tho protesting he did very well. Afterwards Mr. E. came to tea with us and took us to church where he was preaching. Packed to the doors. Chairs were carried in for us to sit under the pulpit. Came back to hotel to find Mrs. Kay and Mrs. MacLean waiting for us. This P.M. going on to a coast town whence we sail for Belfast joining our ship afterwards there on 6th. Much love to you.

Your affectionate Mother

[P.S.] The coast town is called Strathcona. Had invitation to go for a day to Eleanor Johns on Sept. 3, but too late for us; she had rented her house for summer months.

1 The Covenanters are members of the:

Solemn League and Covenant: An agreement made in 1643 between English Parliament and the Scottish Covenanters during the English Civil War, by which the Scots would provide military aid in return for the establishment of a Presbyterian system in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Although the Scottish support proved crucial in the Parliamentary victory, the principal Presbyterian leaders were expelled from Parliament in 1647 and the covenant was never honoured. (OERD 330, 1378)

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