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To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten

Are You Interested in Birds?


Are you interested in BIRDS?...
Then you will be glad to know:
That there are eight Bird Societies in the Dominion.
That these Societies study and protect Birds.
That our "P.Q.S.P.B." teaches the economic and artistic value of Birds.
[That our "P.Q.S.P.B."] Enjoys field outings in the Spring
[That our "P.Q.S.P.B."]Gives illustrated Bird Lectures from October to May in Mechanics' Institute Hall, Tupper Street, with questions and discussion at the close of the Lecture.
[That our "P.Q.S.P.B."]Has a great illustrated Lecture in Victoria Hall, with a speaker of international fame.
[That our "P.Q.S.P.B."]Establishes Bird Sanctuaries.
[That our "P.Q.S.P.B."]Distributes Bird Literature.
[That our "P.Q.S.P.B."]Gives free illustrated Lectures in schools and churches, and has pledged over 32, 000 children to protect Birds and their Nests and Eggs.
Single Membership $1.00
Family Membership 5.00

For Further Information ask:
Mrs. C.L. Henderson Fl. 6135
Mrs. H. Hibbert Fl. 1521
Mr. W.S. Hart WE. 1930
"A bird in the bush is worth two in the hand"

The Province of Quebec Society for the Protection of Birds, Inc.
[Partially Illegible]
Name Mr. Henry Mousley
Address [?] Tupper Street Montreal

You, as a normal human being, are undoubtedly a lover of nature.

As a member of the P.Q.S.P.B. you will be better able to interest your children in the fascinating study of bird life.

Perhaps your son or daughter would be proud to be a member.

A dollar invested in membership in this Society is a dollar invested in happiness for you and others.

President Mrs. C.L. Henderson
Vice-President Mr. H.A. C [?]
Vice-President Mr. M. C. [Warren?] Edwards
Vice-President and Treasurer Mr. H. Mousley
Secretary Miss. Maud [Seth?]

Committee: Mrs. C. F. Dale, Mr. Fraser Keith, Mr. B.A. Decarie, Mrs. P.B. Maffinson, Mr. W.S. Hart, Miss. L. Murray, Mrs. H. Hibbert, Miss M.S. Nicholson, Dr. A.N. Jenks, Mr. C. Salt, Mr. F. L. Judah, Mr. L. Seachman, Mr. L. Terrill,

Address all correspondence to 1536 St. Matthew Street, Montreal

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