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W7935 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Harry Southam
Oct 29 1951
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 'Whitehern,' Hamilton, Ontario
From: Ottawa, Ontario

Rev. Calvin McQuesten
Hamilton, Ontario

My dear Cal:

I was glad to receive your letter of October 25 with enclosures. I found both of the letter[s] interesting, as well as your references to the old Spectator.

I can quite understand, too, your disappointment at the digest of your letter to the Honorable George Drew1 which appeared in The Spectator, but I think, all things considered, The Spectator didn't do too badly in the circumstances. Your letter was to George Drew, and under ordinary circumstances the Spec editors could say that the only way they could treat this letter, a private one at that, would be in an editorial and that they preferred not to do that.

It seems to me that you might rather have written your letter of protest to the editor of The Spectator, embodying in it the criticisms, perhaps toned down, which you include in your letter to George Drew. If you had handled the matter in that way The Spec could hardly have refused to print your letter as written. Even so your letter might have been rejected if it would take more space than the editors thought the subject justified. Editors are strange people, as you know.

I, too, have pleasant recollections of your visit to our home, which, incidentally, has changed not at all since you were there, except that the four children are all married, three of them living near us in Rockcliffe and my elder son Gordon, on The Vancouver Province, living in that city. He has five children, each of the others has three, which, added up, shows that we are blessed with fourteen grandchildren, six of whom are boys.

Replying to the last paragraph of your letter, asking if I am ever in Hamilton, my answer is in the negative. I haven't been there for years and I go only for a wedding or a funeral since my parents passed along. The next time I am in Hamilton, however, I will certainly make a point of looking you up.

I am returning your letter and the cutting from The Spectator, as you may wish to make further use of them.

Yours very sincerely,

Harry [Southam]

1 This may be referring to W7933.

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