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W7922 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from William F. Ambrose
Jan 20 1935
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 'Whitehern,' Hamilton, Ontario
From: South Pines, North Carolina,

Dear Calvin,

My wealth of Christmas greetings has given me great pleasure but has given my pen a busy time because I have wanted to tell each of my good friends about the wonderful experiences (so to me) of the past months since I definitely surrendered my life completely to God. That this was the eventual outcome of the O. G. M. House Party I tell, or omit, as the Spirit moves me.

To you let me write of one book which stands (or travels!) miles ahead of me along The Way & offers more definite help to me than any other of the many books etc. I have read. "God does guide us" by W. E. Sangster (H&S publication). All my happy adventures & the loving gentleness with which God corrected my infant steps in this new Life, I find named by this inspired writer. So I take new courage to face the by no means easy "steep ascent of Heaven" to which I have committed myself, relying on God's strength.

You have probably read the book: for news I offer the quotation which someone gave me at the H. P. and whose challenge I could not get away from:- "God is so easy to please; and hard to satisfy." If I do not know the (human) source or channel of that sublime truth--what matter.

Here is a rather clever epitome of the O. G. M. technique arranged by the first friend I ever knew in the Group: "Admission; Submission; Remission; Transmission." I particularly like the division: first man's part, then the Divine.

You know, I think, my attitude toward the passing of our dear ones from this life to that Beyond. I rejoiced for your mother and for Owen Merriman, but we feel our loss.

A word as to the political world. I rejoice (and am proud of the fact) that T. B. McQuesten is doing such credit to his native city, his family and his Church. And also that Premier Bennett has the courage to copy Franklin R.'s aims--even if both land in a mess, because we Christian (?) voters fail in seeking & winning the support god is so ready to supply to forward His Kingdom over a brotherhood of men. Yes, of course, I'm curious as to what our Mack. [Mackenzie] King intends to do!

Will Ambrose

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