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W7916 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from E. A. (Ned) Riggs
Jul 16 1934
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 'Whitehern,' Hamilton, Ontario
From: R. D. 6, North East, Pennsylvania

Dear Calvin,

Well, this is the big day when your brother commences the work of one of the most important positions in the administration of the of the [sic] government of Ontario,1 and if I remember my geography rightly the province of Ontario is a pretty big place, and the most important of all the provinces in Canada.

No doubt you feel just as much rejoyced [sic] about it as he does, perhaps more for now that the success of of [sic] the campaign is achieved you have no more to worry about regarding it, while his work and worries are just commencing. I can imagine that the "Road" proposition will take him far afield much of the time. He is to be congratulated.

Thank you for sending to me those papers. I read them with keen interest. First those telling of his election and of the probability of his being appointed to a place in the cabinate [sic]. Then the second paper telling of the cabinate appointment and also giving a sketch of his life, which latter I read with equal interest. His various experiences are such as would qualify him for the present office. The photographs were also quite interesting. No doubt you have been to Toronto attending the ceremonies of inducting into office.

Are you intending to be at Muskoka this summer. I hope so. Wish I could be there all summer, but must wait until the usual time in August and Sept. Cousin Nonie (Mrs. Riggs) says that all her family and grand children are to be there some time this summer. Lenore and her family in August and Dr. Dunlap and his family all summer and Howard with his family some time in August.

Henrietta Logan has one of Graham Hazel's cottages for the summer and has with her George Logan's widow "Nancy" and her family of little girls. I am told that the Alexander family are there also except that Florence Alexander Pond has again moved to California.

Have not heard from Miss Georgia, but suppose she is busy as usual this time of year. During the winter they had 50 below zero as a maximum low. Here it was 20 to 22 below one night, but I think the cold winter was a blessing in disguise, for it has killed the Mexican bean beetle that was becoming a pest and making it almost impossible to grow beans in this region. What effect it has had on the European corn borer remains yet to be seen. But the cherry crop was good and remarkably free from insect pests. The protracted dry weather in May and June has given the gardener a set back but corn and potatoes are doing well although there is a shortage of hay.

Trusting that you have been well and are still in that happy condition, I am,

Yours sincerely,

E. A. (Ned) Riggs

1 In 1934, Tom was very politically active as he was made Commissioner of Hydro-Electric Power Commission, Minister of Public Works and Minister of Highways that year. For more information, see Thomas' biography in the "Family" section.

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