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W7909 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Elizabeth Hallowell
Dec 24 1934
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 'Whitehern,' Hamilton, Ontario

[Dear Rev. Calvin McQuesten],

I have thought so many times of the charming clergyman who helped to make my stay in Gaspe a bit more colorful. I'm sure you'd be delighted in my final bit of adventure. I returned to St. Anne with my friend the bus driver and so enjoyed practicing my meager French on him. I rested at St. Anne a few days--got up at daybreak to take the bus which alas, clattered by with grand vitesse and sans moi! What to do? The inn keeper who should have summoned him said he could find a way. I waited till four when a conveyance was provided to Mont Joli where I had to take a night train to Quebec. I crowded into a Ford with two men, a woman, a youth, and to big suitcases beside my own. Much rapid French! At Matane we turn down a woods road and I discover that we have a picnic lunch which we eat at sunset on the shore of the St. Lawrence! And it transpires that one of the men is a local storekeeper at St. Anne's. The woman, his cousin, they are to meet his wife in Quebec at 4:30 a.m., travel through dark streets to a little waterfront hotel--The Hotel Neptune--where my kindly guardians reluctantly go to bed and leave me to sit in the lobby in the care of a sleepy night clerk till it is time to get breakfast at the Frontenac! I do an errand or so in Quebec and leave about noon for Montreal and bed! Isn't that a lovely tale? Real Canadian hospitality and one of my most cherished memories of a delightful trip.

A Merry Christmas to you

Elizabeth Hallowell

[P.S. handwritten poems on back of card]

Here's to the town of Old Boston
The home of the bean and the cod
Where the Cabots speak only to Lowells
And the Lowell's speak only to God.

Here's to the town of New Haven
The home of the truth and the light
Where God speaks to Jones
In the very same tones
That he uses to Hadley and Dwight

There was a young man from Quebec
Who was buried in snow to the neck
When asked: "Are you friz?"
He replied, "Yes, I is,
But we don't call this cold in Quebec!"

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