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W7897 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Margaret Todd
Jan 3 1933
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 'Whitehern,' Hamilton, Ontario
From: 2037 Shaker Road, Cleveland, Heights, Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Uncle Calvin,

It was sweet of you to send me the "Golden Age" for Christmas. I would thank you very much for just thinking of me but for sending a book I want to thank you even more. I received your letter yesterday and liked it very much. It is so often that I think of you and I like to get letters from people whom I love very much.

I have got a verse writing craze now since I met a certain professor from Western Reserve. Here is one that you may like and on the other hand may not. It is about a music box which we have, I think Italian. Many times I have wound it up and put it under a pillow to hear the music. If I lay my head on the pillow it gives the effect of a large orchestra playing. One tune makes me think of a hunt where I can hear the birds singing sweetly and the constant galloping of the horses as they leap fences and streams in the hunt. I am always sorry when the music stops and my dreams are shattered. The other tune makes me think of a lover singing in Italy to his love and twanging softly on (I think it is) a guitar. I can see the lake down below shimmering in the golden sunlight and a beautiful blue sky above. But they are only dreams which should not be indulged in too often. Here is the poem:

Though you may be an unknown
wooden box,
stowed in your dusty, cobweb
Unnoticed by the busy outside
Until some child in curiosity,
Will drag you out, bewildered
by your power,
And turn the crank to hear your
Float like magic out into the

You still may hold your concerts
to the mice
And spiders. Who sit as if transported
Into Fairyland. And dream their
About the lovely tunes you play.

By the way that is supposed to be blank verse. I must now say goodbye to you for it is 30 minutes past bedtime. Kiss yourself for me (if possible) and send my love to the rest of the family and especially to your dear Mother. Much love from,

Toby [Margaret Todd]

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