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The United Church Publishing House
299 Queen Street West
Toronto 2, Ontario
Department of Sunday School Publications

Samuel W. Tallis
General Manager and Book Steward

George A. Little

W7888 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from George A. Little
May 1 1931
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 'Whitehern,' 41 Jackson, St. West, Hamilton, Ontario

My dear Calvin,

Bon voyage on your overseas trip. I have been across three times and am prepared to die happy in the memory. I worked my way on a university boat, alias a cattle ship, the first time I paid my own way the second time and the third time Sam Hughes gave me a pass. So my percentage of skillful financing is second only to yours.

Under separate cover I am sending you two dozen copies of the Basis of Union.1 They are being sent free of charge, postage pre-paid in view of the fact that Norman McEachren is coming to Toronto to be editor of the Sunday School Publications of the Presbyterian Church. At least, he was never editor of Varsity.

We have no mailing envelopes for these pamphlets but any book store, I think, will give you envelopes the right size. Through gallantry to a lady there is little outcry if the Premier of our great Dominion appoints his brother-in-law2 to a diplomatic post in Washington but in Toronto it is thought to be an indelicacy for the Chairman of the Board of Governors to step into the Presidency.

If Canon Cody is determined to succeed the holder of a title he is much more the logical successor of Sir Henry Drayton than of Sir Robert Falconer.

The United Church has about the same number of Sunday School scholars as church members. Our separated brethren have only a little more than half as many Sunday School scholars as church members. It is easy to see which church has the better opportunity for future growth from within.

You are to be congratulated on going to the Old Country while the Churchill lad is out of the country. We are accustomed to his father but bumptiousness which runs into the third generation is a bit of a bore.

With all good wishes,

I am

Sincerely yours,

Geo. A. Little

1 Church Union occurred in 1925. It united the Methodist, Congregational, and some of the Presbyterian Churches into the United Church. Calvin opted to join the United Church and became the United Church chaplain at the Hamilton Mountain Sanatorium, but his family and MacNab Street Presbyterian Church voted to remain Presbyterian.

2 W.D. Herridge (1888-1961) served as ambassador to Washington, 1931-35. He was the brother-in-law of Prime Minister R. B. Bennett. He had written speeches for Bennett and helped formulate Conservative strategy for the 1930 election.

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