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Proposed sketch of Gage Park, Hamilton, Ontario (Gage Park was developed by Thomas B. McQuesten)W7860 TO SADIE HILL from Rev. Calvin McQuesten
Jun 25 1927
To: Sadie Hill 773 21st Street, Detroit, Michigan
From: 'Whitehern,' 41 Jackson St. W., Hamilton, Ontario

Dear "Talking Eyes,"

Did I ever tell you that I had decided on this for your Indian name? You must translate it for me into the tongue of your forefathers, and if the result is sufficiently euphonious, I shall use that in addressing you. If not I suppose you shall have to be contented with commonplace English.

This is just a line to let you know how much I miss you and wish you a Merry Birthday and very many years of health and happiness. I was so sorry not to see you when you were here; but was delighted to hear that you were looking the picture of health. The next time you are in town do try to phone me. For even if there is not time for you to come to see me, I might get a glimpse of you at the San if I know when you were to be there.

I do wish you could see our garden just now. Yesterday I took a pail with twenty-nine varieties of peonies up to the Orchard in Jim Bethune's car. They were from the same plants in our garden from which two days before a bunch had been cut to present to Lady Willingdon, when she and the Governor-General1 turned on the new fountain at Gage Park.2

Please remember me kindly to Mr. & Mrs. brown and to your brother if he is with you in Detroit. And believe me, with best love, your aged but affectionate friend.

Calvin McQuesten

[Enclosure, Birthday Card]

Your Birthday
Fair be the skies
above your head,
Smooth be the way
your feet must tread
Many the friends
to hold you dear
Through all
the days of
the coming year

1 Willingdon, Freeman, Freeman-Thomas, 1st Marquess of, governor general of Canada 1926-31, was appointed by King George V. He was a Liberal, thin and grandfatherly, and initiated the Willingdon Arts competition for excellence in music, literature, painting and sculpture, and privately worried about the "peaceful penetration" into Canada of American media and economic influences (CE 2309).

2 Gage Park was one of Hamilton Parks that Thomas McQuesten completed as part of his "City Beautiful" initiative.

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