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W7855 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Marie Laird
Feb 15 1926
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 'Whitehern,' Hamilton, Ontario
From: Sanitarium, Gravenhurst, Ontario

My dear Mr. McQuesten,

It was very dear of you to send me so lovely a Valentine, and one which I can read often and on many days. I would have felt sadly if you had not thought of me. I wished to send you a Valentine too but there were not any here that I cared for.

For many days I have been wishing to write to you again. "The British Weekly" is still coming this year and though you did not say so, I know that it must be you who is sending it. It is a particularly sane and well-balanced and uplifting magazine and I am grateful to have it.

One particularly good thing in it recently related to the necessity of "working late in the day" as well as "early" and of not letting ourselves rest in the self-control we may have gained or the good deeds we may have accomplished in early youth. I thought of you when I read it as one who is continuing to work and who will continue to as he becomes older. I realize how few people "grow" or alter their opinions much after the ages of twenty-eight or thirty but I don't think it occurred to me until I read the sermon how prone we are to rest on the laurels of youthful accomplishments in the realms of moral endeavour and works of faith, and I wondered whether, if I had not been ill, my soul and mind would have been so nearly dead, as they are.

Perhaps your gift will tempt me top read my Bible more often. I have read the first six chapters of Matthew tonight and have enjoyed reading them. It seems to me that the translator is retaining the lofty and simple life of the Authorized Version while, at the same time, expressing it in the modern manner.

I hope that St. Valentine brought many happy thoughts to you--if not of romance, then of that true love which lives and is beautiful beyond romance.

I hope you are well and able to do the work which you love to do and which those at the San are so thankful to have you do. It would almost seem sometimes that God made you less well, than you might have been, for their sakes, because they need you.

With love and many kindest thoughts.

Marie Laird

[Enclosure:] Easter Card:

May Happiness
Be yours today
And with you

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