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Apr 1 1900
To: Members of the Moodweyaushkah Club Likely ,Toronto, Ontario
From: Likely, Toronto, Ontario

Month of April, 1900 Vol. 2, No.1

"Here we are again," to quote that emminent [sic] character the clown in in the circus. After some months of hibernation, the springtime, sun has drawn us out of our den, and inspired us once more to the high duty of recording the doings and sayings of the Moodweyaushkians. We are another example of that great law of evolution known as the survival of the fittest. Once there existed an alleged rival to the Mascot, a blatant bellower of Billingsgate, edited by an expatriated Yankee of yellow temperament; but it has gone, gone to a merited oblivion, from whence it shall never return.

But we are here, and here to stay, so long as the illustrations Members of Moodweyaushkah continue to grace and disgrace this sublunary with their presence.

The scope of the Mascot will be something more than that of a mere recorder of passing events. In the future, its pages will be rich with literature which will deserve, if it does not find, a place in the great classes of all peoples and Ages. Already we have had offers of contributions to our pages, from Rudyard Kipling, Hall Caine, Marie Corelli, Winston Churchill, and other popular Authors too numerous to mention; but we have replied to all of them that their work hitherto has been of too transitory a nature; if any of them can achieve anything really great, with the marks of permanency on it, we shall be glad to give it space at our regular advertising rates. To this proposal we have only had one reply as yet, and that from Kipling, who is himself at work on what he considers his master-piece, and will do himself the favor of submitting it to us for our mature judgment.

We shall say nothing by way of announcement, as to the nature of future contributions to these pages; but we can assure our Readers that the high standard of this first issue will be more than maintained in the future. Among those who have agreed to write for us we might mention, however, such names as Wm. Shakespeare, a well known dramatist; Christopher Columbus, the one-time navigator; Socrates the Philosopher, Lucretia Borgia, Confucius, Mary Queen of Scots, Nero, and many more of the immortals.

Questions of general interest answered by an expert.

This department will be under the charge of our good friend Socrates, who had such a reputation for asking questions when in the flesh, and has just as great a reputation for answering them now that he is in the spirit world. Any Enquiries of general interest, except political or religious, will be seriously considered and wisely answered.

1 This refers to the Moodweyaushkah Club that Calvin and his friends had formed. They each took an "Indian" name.

2 At present this site contains four such "reports" or letters about the Moodweyaushkah Club: W7330, W7330a, W7440, W7440a.

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