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F. L. Cullen, Proprietor

Carleton sur mer, Quebec

W7145 TO HILDA MCQUESTEN from her brother, Rev. Calvin McQuesten
Aug 7 1934
To: Hilda McQuesten 'Whitehern' Hamilton, Ontario

My dear Hilda,

This time I think I did pretty well in not forgetting to pack things. But I did leave out one of those useful little toe socks that you bought for me. And as I am doing quite a bit of walking, I would be glad if you would mail it to me. It is still on the card. But there is another old one I might as well have too, if you see it about, and also that photo of Tom in the garden on a stiff card, which I left on my bureau.

Among the guests here are a pair of very interesting Swedish girls, 4 years in Montreal. We went for a walk yesterday; and I found them particularly intelligent and well educated, as well as very witty & humorous. So we had a jolly time. One of them is going to lend me a recent book on Sweden & its people. So I want to loan her in return my copy of Weatherhead's, "His Life and Ours," which is on the baize desk in the library: Would you be so kind to mail it one of these days to: Miss Ingeborg Jacobson, 636 Sydenham Ave., Westmount, P.Q. You will find corrugated cardboard in the back cellar, just inside the door to the left hand. There is no hurry, as she does not go home till Friday.

We are having glorious weather and amazing meals. Except on shipboard I have never had such a varied menu set before me. And it is all good too. They call the midday meal dinner and the evening one supper. And both are equally good.

On Sunday at noon we had soup (there are always 2 kinds). And I took lobster, deliciously fresh as an entree, and roast turkey with fresh vegetables for the main course, with fresh raspberries, just picked, and cream for desert. For supper there was chicken en casserole and raspberry pie & Charlotte Russe. To-day I had smelts, veal cutlets with the first really fresh green peas I have tasted in 3 years, and Bavarian cream for dessert. It is hard to refrain from stuffing.

Please ask Mother to keep my letters as I want to use them in telling the patients about my trip. I do wish you and the others could be here.

With much love,


P.S. The clipping is for Mary. I go to Perce, Friday. That will be sufficient address. Mother's letter just came, and one from St. Giles.

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