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W6798 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her daughter Mary Baldwin McQuesten
Jul 13 1914
From: Doelen Hotel Amsterdam Netherlands

Dear Toulie,

Here I am in a perfectly swell hotel,--hot and cold water in my room, a closet, large window & comfortable bed. Have just eaten a most recherché meal. Everything is most beautifully cooked, only I am afraid Edna would groan if peas, beans, cabbage stuffed with ham (simply juicy?), potatoes served with meat. But it seems the custom, and I have been revelling in fresh fish. Certainly Mr. Pratt so far has done nothing on the cheap.

Now for my itinerary so far:--

I did not go down to Folkestown on Saturday as I intimated, for Mr. Pratt managed to get a permit to visit the Parliament Buildings, so I went along. In the afternoon I took a ride through Greenwich and Woolwich, and saw the Greenwich Home for sailors and the [arsenal??] at Woolwich, I was riding from 5-6 for the immense sum of eighteen cents.

Sunday afternoon I went to hear Mr. Broughton and I don't know when I heard such a sermon, so simple and yet so powerful. The subject was [??] and the burning bush, but I will give the gist of it on returning home. In the afternoon I went again to St. Pauls as there was to be sung one of the finest anthems ever written and it certainly was thrilling, although sermon was very poor. In the evening we took the train to Folkestown and from there took a steamer for Flushing.

After a night of tosing and sleeplesness(although I was not ill)we reached here, and took the train for the Hague. We drove to the house in the woods, and certainly Hilda did not overate anything she saw there. We were not able to go to ?? owing to a a street car strike. The riot was out in full force and several mounted soldiers were busy keeping them moving. An attempt was made to run a car, and great hooting started. The crownd gathered near our hotel and ever dispersed by the soldiers. Policemen walked along the side-walks, driving the people along, who ran into any doorwat they could find. We were standing in the doorway of the Hotel and were driven by the crowd outside. But they seemed good natured and no one was hurt apparently. One of the girls attempted to ?? two of the calvary and was severly lectured by a foot soldier. The crowd panned on, and when the coast was clear I looked out and at corner of street was an immense crowd with two mounted soldiers at the back and I managed to fet two pictures of tehir "lordships". Hope they will be good as a Holland St. car strike will be somewhat of a novelty. We left the Hague at 4:30 in afternoon and reached here about six o'clock, so I had time for a good clean up before dinner. Tell Hilda the candy baskets filled with Cakes duly appeared to night at dinner, and were truly wonderful. We also had real ice-cream, the first since leaving the boat at Liverpool. I have finally shipped Miss Carey who has gone with another party. Owing to a mistake we had to occupy the same room (two beds) the last three nights in London, and she snores terrifically and coughed at intervals the whole night. I have spoken to Mr. Marqius and from now on whenever there is a singel room I am to have it, We are nine women so you see I can easily be the "odd one". Mr. Marquis seems a very nice man, and Miss Witheron's party of three Canadian stravels with us , so it is very agreeable indeed. To-morrow we have breakfast at 7:30, do the Museums, and leave for Markee at ten, so will have to go to bed as it is getting late and I am very sleepy.

Thought I had better take this chance of writing you, for I might not have another opportunity for some time, as we must "go some" to make up for lost time. Am sending ?? a couple of P.C's by some post-marker a cover, as they are too pretty to go through mail. Am feeling simply fine. Hope you are all having a good time. Too bad about the electinos. Mr. Pratt told me on his arrival. Please excuse this writing and next time will try and do better.

You loving daughter,


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