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[NOTE: date incorrect in Calendar as 1913, should be 1903.]

W6793 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
May 27 1903 [not 1913]
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear Cal

Your "marked" paper has just arrived but have not had time to read it. Am wondering if the strike should end you could get off this week. Tom is only to be home this week. He starts off on Monday for Ottawa and goes on next day to a lumber camp about 55 miles north, a place called Moon's island. He is to stay in Ottawa with a fraternity friend "Flute" Green whose father is to give Tom the job. He is just going to work with the lumberman, for he says he doesn't want any head work he has enough of it all year. They sleep in little shanties, his friend Grey has gone up already, so I hope he will be all right. Tom did not get home till 1:30 a.m. Sunday he had to stay to wind up Fraternity matters, I am not supposed to tell as everything is secret but Tom is president of fetes now and wears a pin studded with diamonds and turquoises, which descend from president to president. Yesterday he had to go back again on Varsity business and I went too by the boat. At Eatons my purse was stolen, fortunately I had got all the special things I had gone down for and there was not much in. They say, the city is full of pickpockets for the races and I unfortunately had not heard this till too late. Another lady was bemoaning her losses at the office and another had lost $92.00, so I was thankful I had so little to lose and had my boat ticket all right. The street car conductor gave Tom a bad quarter in change which was detected at the lunch counter at Eaton's, so it was a somewhat unlucky day for us but did not worry, it might have been so much worse. Had a terrific thunderstorm last night and a fine rain, for which we are most thankful, the grass just burning up. Monday evening Grace Rioch, Uncle C. and Mr Cunningham, the new minister took tea with us, we like him he is so free from conceit. To-day poor Tom is engaged beating stair carpet and it is very warm, now that we have got it up, it is a question if we can get it down again. Yesterday Tom bought a "news" so I read Mr Chamberlain's speech in full, it was very able. What a ring there is to his speeches! A great contrast to Balfour's. I would thoroughly enjoy seeing Balfour well, shaken, the narrow minded stick that he is. Hedley is so frightfully busy he cannot get your case packed, but will do it as soon as possible. Tom's name was in Monday morning's Globe as the new manager of "Varsity." Took time to read about St. Gabriel's, it is very well written and most interesting, such a long long time ago when it was started. Well, dear, the only thing that made me not regret your coming on Saturday was that I was completely dilapidated. We had all worked and hurried so much that we felt perfectly finished by the Whittemores, perhaps I told you how they came to be the last straw. Well, well, Cal, this is a very busy world, and if one is not busy one gets the blues but sometimes methinks one can be too busy.

I do trust you are not being worn out. Must close with much love

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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