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W6762 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her daughter Hilda McQuesten.
Aug 22 1911
To: Mary Baker McQuesten.
From: Hilda McQuesten.

Aug. 22nd 1911.

My darling Mother

Was so glad to get your card which Edna wrote saying you were feeling better and that the prescription was doing you good.

I really think it was simply from being seen down that you had that wretched rheumatism, so you must just stay on there till the end of the month anyway. It will pay in the end your getting a good change & Tom and I will do very well though of course we guess our little mother very much.

I was up last night seeing the MacKays and Blanche same in some pointers [??] buy nose. She was so glad I had gone to the [??] 2nd. I was complaining about it's being so poor but he encouraged me by saying the cube was just as how will here about six weeks before [??] was a very noticeable change, however three weeks have passed now and I fine it is one the [??].

But she agreed with me that it was really necessary to have any more treatments in Toronto, she only had one.

Saturday I commenced to take good walks, so as Emily Colgnham dropped in that afternoon. I kept her for tea and then walked home with her. These cool evenings are delightful and I am feeling fine.

The man armitage brought the chicken Saturday so we had it for three sinners, it was delicious, I wish you all had had some of it; needless to stay Tom enjoyed it [??] and really had a good feed!! 75 cts 37 chicken yesterday afternoon Miss Mullin took me for a drive, we went on the mountain over towards Albion Mills it was lovely. I felt quite fine arriving alone in the Victoria up to Mrs. M.

I hope you will like the way I made Edna's [arm??] it is not quite finished as I have not touced it since Edna left I've been taking a few days off. If Edna should need it can send it down but she thought she would rather keeop it over here.

Tom had sent the money to Calvin before the letter arrived so will send him five the end of the week.

We had Mrs. Ketchen, Sunday and he gave us two fine sermons, it is nice to have him back again, he is looking pretty well.

On Friday Miss Buchanan telephoned too that the reports had not come. She had written Miss Larry who said that through some error they were a week late in getting them printed.

Mattie Robinson saw in the pink paper that Miss Pryce Park had been seriously ill but was now out of danger. Poor Katie never seems able to get through a seminar without some [??]

I have just got home from the "circus" procession, Maddie R called in this morning and persisted on my going, the animals were very good a lot of sheep, lamb and camels with me and women on their backs, some splendid lions, leopards tigers etc. While in the crowd a man fainted so when I mentioned this to Maddie for her to look, she said- what did he do that for? As though the poor man could help it. She is a ridiculous creature. Am doing up a number of papers and will send the Ladies home journal if Tom has read it.

Well my darling mother do hope you are really comfortable and setting nice food. With heaps of love to Mary and Edna with a big even for your own [??].

Your loving daughter,
Hilda Belle McQuesten

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