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W6614 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her daughter Ruby McQuesten
Jan 13 1910 [estimated date] Thursday noon
To: Mary Baker McQuesten Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Gravenhurst, Ontario

My darling Mitherkins,

It is a perfectly lovely spring-like day. It was yesterday too and with my lovely warm pink jacket I don't need any extra wrap when I sit up. The sunshine coming in really suggests spring. I like the winters with breaks in them even if it comes cold again. I've been plodding away each day adding a few to my list. I think that is really all. My patience is nearly ended. And I feel vexed too for it seems a perfect imposition on my family. And next time I'll write my self for it's not fair when I have the pleasure of getting things to give you all the work. But it seems as if once you start thanking people you have to thank them all.

My old fever has its ups and downs but it hasn't had any high ups since you were here & I've had no fever for nearly a week & enjoy my meals.1

I've been reading these days, it has been so mild.

The sitting room carpet sounds nice. I'm glad you've asked Miss Grantham in for tea. I had another letter from her the other day. She's an awfully nice girl.

The day before yesterday who should be announced but Mr. James. So in came Willie. It was awfully nice to see him. I hadn't seen him since Teddy [Edna] & I stayed in Toronto together the fall we were in Oakville.2 I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him & we had quite a chat. He didn't have very long to stay though on his way up to [?]. This morning I had a lovely letter from Mrs. James.

I'm sending Mrs. Curry's letter as I thought you'd like to hear what she says even though it isn't exactly cheering. I'm also sending another wretched bill. When you sent the last money for [?] & the doctor you didn't send the doctor's bill so I didn't suppose will get a receipt unless it was sent to you. However as this follows it I don't suppose it will matter.

With love my darling Mother & love to all the family.

Your loving daughter,


P.S. You needn't keep these letters.

1 For more information on Ruby and her treatment for Consumption (Tuberculosis), see W6135, and see her biographical sketch by clicking on "Family" on the Home Page and then clicking on her picture.

2 The family stayed in a cottage in Oakville in 1907, when they rented Whitehern to the Hamilton Club.

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