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W6568 TO MRS. MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from M. Isabel Miller.
Dec 5 1909
To: Mrs. Mary Baker McQuesten Whitehern Hamilton, Ontario
From: 834 Lake St. Los Angeles, California

My Dear Mary,

It was such a pleasure to hear from you, but I'm oh so sorry to learn how ill Ruby has been. Now she has begun to improve no doubt she'll pick up quickly, & I trust may spend hours at home with you all; [page 2 (6570) out of place by context & correctly placed here] the dear girl must indeed long to be with her own, & must be very brave to have fought it out alone so long amongst strangers & much love to her.

You say something about bringing her out to Calif. I have been speaking about it to some of my friends, & we all agree that Calif. isn't a good place for such troubles & that Arizona is the very best climate; so much drier, not such extremes of heat & cold. People come flocking out here for bronchitis, lung troubles, catarrh etc, the place is full of them & they find little benefit, indeed many contract such diseases here, few seem exempt from in Los. A. [Angeles]--it's disgusting really!!

But Arizona is different the climate is so dry & [?] few if any fogs. There all some rather nice towns, Tuscon, Phoenix, etc. The [?] about 14 would run on cars from here. That is where Walter Rose (my nephew) spent a winter and regained his health & he went to Phoenix in the spring, it's higher up--his wife & little son were with him. But there is a Sanatorium somewhere in Arizona run by friends of Edith Coleman, a doctor & his wife, he had to live on the desert as its called & I think it would be a good thing for you to write Edith & get their address & then you would get particulars.

This Doctor's wife had a Miss Dowd, friend of Lottie Coleman's. Write to Edith to 5 Richards St. Worcester Mass: I'm afraid that isn't plain, its Worcester Mass: she will give the name of this doctor. Put your name on envelope in case Edith may have moved & then [Louise?] might give the address.

I would so love you to get a place suitable where that dear girl would regain her health; how nice it would be if it were here you could come for I would love to see you both.

I had a letter yesterday from Reg; he says his mother is not at all well & they are going to send her out here in Jan. for a change; & he wants her to stay with me for a couple of months in Redlands, or some such place, till she gets quite strong again and then she can visit around. I wrote him I would look for a comfortable place & would be glad to be with [them]. Her boys are certainly very good to her.

So glad Frank went to see Ruby; poor Mary is very weak now & her mind is almost a blank. She had a most serious fall recently, nearly broke her nose & nearly bled to death, & when I saw her a few days ago she wasn't able to get up. She is just dying by inches & its sad to see her, she longs to go.

Annie isn't strong enough to go to her aid, just worries her sick sometimes. It's certainly a world of trouble!! Of late I'm a good deal better, I'm thankful to say.

How I hope poor Ruby may be at home at Xmas & that you may all have a happy time together. I expect to be at Roses for Xmas but these anniversaries are sad times really for me. Let me hear how Ruby is now.1

Much love for everybody & very good wishes.

Affect'ly [sic] [?] [?]

M. Isabel Miller

1 At this time Ruby was very ill with chronic lung troubles (the word "tuberculosis" is never used, but the "Con" is sometimes mentioned). Ruby is being treated at a Gravenhurst Sanatorium, and the family is considering sending her away to a warm, dry climate for treatment; however, Dr. Arnott declared that she would likely make it out there but would never make it back. Also the costs were very steep. It was then decided to take Ruby to a cottage on the Hamilton Mountain where she died on April 9, 1911. For more on Ruby, see: W6135. Also go to "Family" and click on Ruby's picture for a brief bio.

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