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W6063 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Mar 11 1908
To: Calvin McQuesten Toronto Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

On Saturday morning when I received your sweet letter of sympathy,1 I wanted to write immediately and thank you, but have been much occupied ever since. You need never reproach yourself for not having been able to help me financially, it was from no fault of yours. You always did the very utmost your health would permit, more than it permitted sometimes. Then your character has been a great strength to me and as the oldest son you cannot estimate what it may have meant to the family especially Tom, a great deal depends on the stand taken by the older ones of a family if they are careless and show themselves heedless of the teaching and wishes of their parents, the young are always sure to do the same, and the family is lost. Isn't it just wonderful to look back over the twenty years since your father was so suddenly taken from us and think of the serious illnesses of different members of the family and how we were brought through them all and now look at the comfort and luxury in which we are now living! 2 To me it is a constant wonder for which I am never sufficiently grateful.

You are really the only one who endures hardships, but I hope you will be feeling comfortable in your shades. I am so provoked, that we had no idea that we could have sent twice as much with the bale. You had said something about a certain amount having to go, but it did not occur to me, I could send things in a separate bundle, or I would have sent a stock of groceries. Another year we will know better.

Am glad you will be home in a few days.3 I would enclose a couple of dollars to bring you home for next Sabbath, but am very hurrying to get bills paid. However I am much stronger and they do not bother me as they did. Went out to the Communion on Sabbath morning. Wish you could have been here, there is no service like ours with Mr. Ketchen and Dr. L.[Lyle] calling past.4

Poor old Dr. Black was absent for first time in years, fell the Sabbath before on the ice, cut his forehead, was taken into a doctor's and after 12 stitches had been put in walked home--87 years of age.5 Must close, with much love.

Your loving Mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 March 7, 1908 was the twentieth anniversary of Isaac's death.

2 The "comfort and luxury" is relative to their former circumstances. Two months later, in letter of May 16 (W-MCP3-5.004) Mary is short of money and on May 22, 1908, she is still carrying debts (W6135).

3 Likely, Calvin was coming home and then going out to Glenhurst, Saskatchewan as a missionary preacher. The "bale" of supplies had been sent ahead.

4 For Rev. Ketchen family, see W5359.

For Rev. Lyle family, see W4436.

5 Rev. James Black was a retired Presbyterian minister. Mrs. James Black and Mrs. P.H. Black were members of the WFMS at MacNab Church. They lived at 112 Herkimer St. A daughter, Jean, was married to Rev. William McKerracher [McKeracher], minister at Gravenhurst, see W6509 (Latoszek 25, Tyrell 129; W4506, W6540, W6544, W6545, W6853).

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