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W5984 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Sep 13 1907
To: Calvin McQuesten Milden, Saskatchewan
From: Oakville Ontario

My dearest Calvin,

It was certainly most gratifying, that after such a sore temptation manfully overcome you should find my letter waiting for you at Glenhurst. Letters mean so much more, when one is amongst strangers and so far distant that there is only a weekly mail. I see you are still determined to take that Hamilton Mission, it still seems to me most unwise. You have besides your Knox Coll. work that last subject to overtake and you meditate I believe writing for your M.A. There is nothing like having the Sabbath Day for rest and to start every Monday morning not only unrested, but more tired is a fatal mistake, we have all suffered enough in the past, for your persistent taking of your own way.

We expect to be here till after Christmas, and I hope so. I need a long rest, as I had not been picking up as fast as I would like, I went in to see Dr. Caven on Wednesday, so he examined me, told me not to see visitors, not to talk to people and gave me a prescription to take for three weeks, stop a week and then come back to him.1 So I feel encouraged and thankful to have this fine resting place and no worries. It was just the result of overstrain.2

Tom has secured your room at Miss Oates' and his own also. He seems overflowing with spirits when he comes home, the relief I think from exams and having a little extra money. Busy getting his dress suit and topper for the wedding on Monday.3 H.[Hilda] at first thought she would not go, as it would be too many from one family, but after Mrs. F.'s [Fletcher] letter she could leave your big trunk with Miss Oates.

I do not know if you bought a return ticket from here to Toronto. We have got a ten trip ticket and I can send it to Miss Oates for you in case you need it, it saves 45 cts on a return. May God bless you and give you a safe journey home! Love from all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.1] Grey's young lady is from the East some place.4

[P.S.2] I feel, I did not say enough about or rather against your taking that Knox mission. After all we have gone through, it does seem very wrong of you to persist in this thing. I thought you had a lesson you would never forget. If you attend to your work for Knox College, you could do it so well that you might win distinction which would pay far better in the long run for you might get a reputation which would be worth a great deal in the future.

We are going to be in a better position than I have ever been since your father died. My income from Bold St. alone is to be $75 a month from Jan[uary] and Tom has often said he was going to help you through. So be wise and obey your mother. I shall be very indignant if you do not, it would be so much better to give your whole mind to your work. That is the reason the old countrymen have excelled as professors, because they could not run around as our students do, but had to stick to their work. Now just think it over. There is not the slightest occasion or need for you to do this.

M.B. McQ

1 Likely, Dr. W.P. Caven, see W5105.

2 Mary and her daughters were staying at a cottage in Oakville while the Hamilton Club was renting Whitehern (W5800).

3 For Annie Fletcher's wedding, see W5990.

4 Likely a mention of Miss Elliott, but no mention of her relationship with Tom (W5868, W6012).

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