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W5339 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
Jul 2 1905 Saturday night
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten Muskoka, Ontario
From: Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario

My dearest Cal,

Was so sorry not to find you here when I reached home but was glad of your letter. The family have been telling me about your stay at Lakeside--those wretched flies--I'm afraid the externals were not what you'd enjoy. However I hope you're enjoying yourself where you are.1

I came home with Miss Boyd & Miss Middleton to Kingston by the Rideau Canals and Lakes. It took us from 3 pm Friday afternoon to 8 pm Saturday. It was a very pretty trip but we were three tired individuals that reached Kingston. We had a very nice little stay till Tuesday when we took the boat home. Miss Middleton stayed with me till to-day and then to-night a friend of Tom's, [Heightington?] came in to tea & so I haven't had a chance to write, so this isn't a real letter and I'll write a staver soon.2

But I wanted to tell you that Mrs. Robinson went up to Muskoka sometime ago & I told her I'd tell you & I realized the time was going so I'd better hurry up. Mrs. Robinson is staying at Bohemia Island at the Millers' place. You'll be able to find out where that is. The family are all sitting around talking. I wish you were here with us.

I'm wondering how you're liking it there. I hope it will be fine warm weather and you'll have a fine old time. Miss Middleton was charmed with her visit. She met nearly all our friends in the short time she was here and we had a fine drive with our old [beau?] and the weather was beautiful all the time & the roses so pretty in the garden.

This is a terrible pen. I have to wait half an hour to turn the page for the ink won't dry.

By the way Joe Thomson is engaged to Miss Taylor--Lady Taylor's daughter--Isn't that a delicious piece of gossip?3

Well old boy, good-night. I wish I could have had a chat with you. But we'll be saving up lots for future time. With much love & love form all.

Your loving sister,


1 Calvin is preaching at Muskoka.

2 A "staver" is a long letter.

3 For more on the Thomson family, see W4415. For the Sir and Lady Taylor family, see W5382.

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