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W5281 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby McQuesten
Aug 1 1904
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten [Stand-Off, Alberta]
From: [Toronto, Ontario]

My dear old Sonny,

You'll know by the beautiful writing who it is now.1 I'm eating the bread of idleness and it is very good bread too. There is nothing to do but eat & sleep and drive and read the papers and very little fancy work.

Yesterday however I went for a picnic to Bond Lake with Mary Trigge & Arthur, Helen Locke, Willie McNairn & a couple others. It is not quite an hours run from Toronto but the cars were so crowded it took us three hours getting home and we stood all the way--also we stood all the way out and walked all afternoon from Bond Lake to Lake Wilson. But such is picnics [sic] and my face is a beautiful beaming red to-day. We are to go out to the Gartshores to-day for tea & as Mama was out this morning to board meeting, I persuaded her to lie down and rest herself before we went out. 2

I saw Constance Anderson and her Mother the other day--both were enquiring about you. Constance wants me to stay a couple of days with her and May--I really feel too lazy to stay long--I'm as lazy as the mischief.3

I wish you could have drives with us tho' the atmosphere of this house is hardly enlivening. Poor Mrs. Mackay--we talk to her for a little time at intervals with our ear near to her lips and she is so sweet and thoughtful. It is very sad. But she seems to so enjoy having mama & strokes her face when she leans over her.4

Well my space seems at an end. We enjoyed your last letter as we always do. We certainly should see B. when you are in next.

Take care of yourself, with ever so much love.


1 This letter, addressed directly to Calvin, was sent with one of Ruby's mother's letters (W5275) of the same date. They were visiting the MacKays in Toronto.

2 Hilda McQuesten had dated Mary and Arthur's brother, Ken Trigge, in 1902 but eventually rejected him because he drank alcohol and, as a salesman, treated others to alcohol (W4635). The McQuestens were staunch prohibitionists, although in his years as an MPP, if not earlier, Tom would drink socially.

For the Gartshore family and their relationship with the McQuestens, see footnotes in W4815.

3 Between 1899 and 1907 Ruby was teaching at the Ottawa Ladies' College to earn money for Tom's university education. She was home for the summer.

Ruby's "laziness" may be fatigue since she later became tubercular, see W6135.

4 The MacKays were Mary's good friends in Toronto. See W4297.

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