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W5265 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 18 1904
To: TO CALVIN MCQUESTEN Standoff, Alberta
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy,

Your letter came early on Friday, and the photos are fine. I got out our fine stereoscope and that brought them out well; that old chief, though such an old wretch, makes a very striking figure, and the back view of the naked dancers shows up wonderfully under the glass. Bringing the boughs is such a picturesque scene, indeed they are all most interesting. We are now having very warm weather. Yesterday (Sabbath) I did not have the energy to go to church at all & last night was very trying between the heat & mosquitoes. The other day, I got overheated weeding and got a dose of prickly heat all over my back, but am glad it was nothing worse. On Wednesday Edna finished her exams in the morning & went off to Winnie Gartshore's in the afternoon. Could scarcely realize that at last she was through and she felt much satisfied with herself, because she felt thoroughly acquainted with her work and ready for the papers. Heard from her that she was going to a pic-nic at Bond Head and "garden parties galore." To-day Hilda & Ruby went off on the Turbinia with Helen Locke to spend the day with Mary Trigge: it is said to be a lovely steamer. So Mary & I are just by ourselves, trying to take things easy & keep ourselves cool. On Saturday afternoon H. & R. went up to Mr. Thomson's. Joe invited them up to see his company of Highlanders get their photo take; they gave them refreshments of ginger ale, coffee, ice-cream sandwiches & they had quite a pleasant time. In the evening we had Miss McKay & Emily & Jean McLaren to tea.

Did I ever tell you that Ruby heard from Mrs. Ogilvie that Ken Trigge seemed to be getting lower & lower, still lives at the widow's & has gone from one situation to another. A niece of Mrs. Mullins a Mrs. Lawrence was here & said to tell you that one of the young Brodies, forget the first name, won the scholarship which gives him a year in Paris for study of French law.

You speak of the time flying, yes indeed and have you made up your mind just what you are going to do? Will you have any money over at the end of your time up there? It would be quite trying for you to take a funeral without any preparation. It must be very cheering to you to hear expressions of being helped from various ones, it is the only encouragement one has. What is the weather like? Do you suffer from the heat or do you eat any vegetables or fruit? I heard from Maggie to-day, Mrs. Mackay extremely weak, would like me to come down, but do not want to leave Ruby, and it is a sad home to take her to.

Tuesday. The girls came home last evening, but had a warm day of it. Now, we are looking for a thunderstorm and it is most oppressive. Have been reading the account of the great Dundonald demonstration in Toronto. I think he was a fine man, but cannot help feeling that if he had not been a Scotchman, so much fuss would not have been made and the Tory cry being added on. I do not blame him as the Liberals do, for stating his case to the people. I think he had a perfect right to do so, and it seemed the only way he could right himself. I always had heard that he proposed fortresses along the border and he plainly denies that and he was in no wise bound to keep his mouth closed to please any party. But just fancy the scene through the streets down to the station. In Saturday's News too is the announcement that Mr. & Mrs. Gregory have taken Presbyterian College in Toronto. I wonder if Mrs. G. liked the idea. Why didn't they go to the West where men are needed. I cannot help thinking that Mrs. G. lacks force, I should think she would perfectly hate to go back to school-keeping.

Do you think of going to Varsity in the Autumn? Will you have any money to start you? Well I hope you are cooler than we are just now, for it would be terrible to ride miles in the sun. Isn't it wonderful the way the Japs are getting on?1 With much love.

Your loving mother

1 In W5289 Mary notes that the "Japs" are defeating the Russians.

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