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W5229 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby McQuesten.
Jun 13 1902 Monday Afternoon.
To: Calvin McQuesten, Alberta.
From: Ruby McQuesten.

Ottawa Ladies' Ottawa

June 13 1904
Monday Afternoon

Calvinus Tertius Macquestinus you owe me a letter I'm sure- at least I'm not sure and that's why I say I'm sure. But I want one anyway bein' as I'm a greedy pig as I am. I'm tired of reading compositions and examination papers which assure me that the Nile is a river in South America rising in the Rocky Mountains and flowing into the "Meditrainian" [sic] Sea. I won't say I got that all in one- such as one could only be the combined knowledge of several great minds.

But we're plugging away at various things to get as much as possible done this week before the rush of cleaning etc begin next week. And on Sat the old girls begin to gather back and there is considerable talking done of a most serious and heavy nature as it is the last week and we're all so sorry to leave school and get home. That is why my letters on a wee bit off this time of the year- it is the crazy moon for this partridge. If I had wings I'd make a bee-line for a certain little make partridge away out on the wilds of Alberta and he'd have to get a long and drum for me.

We have been writing to old girls and getting 25 cents from each towards some present for Mrs. Ross. We haven't decided what it will be but think the most useful thing would be to have the money changed into gold and give it to her in a pretty purse along with a neat little book with the names and addresses of people present written in and of those absent pasted in.

Well I'm going on with my Bible Study- how do you like it?- and I'm doing a little memorizing as Mrs. Ross offered her book to any of the girls who would learn the 9 then 10th chaps of John off by heart. So I thought I'd encourage them & I've finished the 9th and half done the 10th. Mrs. R has given me her books I tell her she can just write in it that I earned it as well and I'll be most proud of it. Well , dear old boy take care of yourself with ever much love,

Your loving sister,

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