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Dec 1 1883
To: Rev. Professor George Cornish, Montreal, Quebec
From: 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario.

My dear Sir,

Many thanks to you for [?] Dawson's McGill University Lecture for the Sefsion [sic] of 1882-3- The God book of Emmanuel Church for 1883- and the 44 Annual report of the Congregational College. All of them I have read with great interest and devout gratitude to God for the [cheering?] outlook of the denomination as shown by D. Jackson in the God book 1883-84 and by Dr. Cornish in the 44 report of the College 1882-3. I trust the set time to favour our [Lord/Lion??] is come"- But the little one shall soon become a thousand, and the small one a strong nation." The affiliation of the College with McGill gives it a respectability and efficiency equal to any other Theological College in the Dominion. The College Building is going up in its entirety; and as some relatively small sum only is needed to finish it, and as the Pastor, Churches and friends managed at the Union Building to aid by their contributions the friends whom may by asked for having in faith so neatly embarked in the enterprise. Doubtlefs [sic] funds will be furnished and the erection completed free from debt. Then under all join in devout thanksgiving and bring forth the [top??] stone while shouting Grace Grace [untill??]."

Let this [proverb/prophet??] comfort you and Dr. Stevenson when remembering the unworthy treatment you met whith in England. This [uncertanty?], knowns that prayer has been offered to God from the commencement of the Edifice, to strengthen the hands- encourage the hearts to add to the number and increase the means of the projection and execution of the work. That He has heard is manifested by the intent now being taken, and the prospect that the funds will be raised to finish it. Such a building has long been needed and will tend to the comfort and lasting benefit of the students being congregated together hallowed friends who will be formed- & now correct knowledge of each other will be gained and appreciated- generous emulation will be excited and study more ardently pursued- friendly controversy will strengthen the reasoning powers of the mind, expand its capacities- from the keenest [pulsing??] the heart and under collefe life a time of mutual improvement.

I do most cordially congratulate you, Mr. Hague and whomever else may have wrought with you in this good work; that it is so near completion- that is has received denominational recognition and thanks have been yours to its generous, persistant, energetic and succefsful [sic] projection- May I live to see all our [deminionational??] apparatus in active operation sustained and guided by the Spirit of truth. I consider the College our [september??] and should be well sustained: our students to make their way and hold their positions must be well educated:- their course of study is excellent. I almost envy them and wish to have my time over again. I hope none of them will wish the College term shortened, but rather want another sefsion [sic] that they may derive all the benefit profsible [sic] from the excellent opportunities afforded them for obtaining, with the aid of divine grace, the information needed to make them all minister of the new testament.

In your kind letter of last Dec. you wrote "I have not forgotten [?] about home in the old days when our dear friend Porter was with us." Was painful for me to reflect that others like them cannot be repeated; the last enemy, having heavily taxed my longevity by depriving me of all the friends of my youth. In 1882 he was most exacting, taking from me a large part of the [payment/friendship??]. On the 10th Feby [sic] my loved sister, the widow of an officer in the Army, died in London England of Bronchitis: she was an excellent woman, her correspondence was always interesting and refreshing- on the 11 Feby [sic] the husband of a granddaughter died at Paris, Ont, of congestion of the lungs; shortly after Dr. Milker of Melborne, or nephew of Mr. Parker, died of paralyses of the brain- on the 12 August dear Mrs Baker, after a long and painful illnefs [sic] "fell asleep in Jesus:" so gentle indeed was her departure a lady friend present said "He gentle his beloved sleep."- On Sunday 27th of the same, 15 days after to a minute my daughter, almost suddenly, was called to part with a beautiful little girl, the first bereavement in her family. I was present at the time: heart renching was the wail of the young mother when the spirit of her loved one was departing.

I am thankful to write "the Father of mercies" is dealing very graciously with me. I dwell in my own house and board with my daughter and husband in their residence, which is next to mine, and from them I receive much kindnefs [sic]:- their dear little children, 2 boys and 3 girls, are to me affectionate and very amusing. Through these are alleviations of suffering, yet the lost companionship of the loved partner of my joys and sorrows is painfully felt.

You will greatly oblige me, as you have opportunity, by informing Mr & Mrs. Hague that I am thankful for their kind remembrances of me and Mrs. Baker though no longer with me in "the valley of Baca." I shall ever hold in grateful remembrance the very kind and respectful treatment we received from them while residing in Toronto.

Pardon me for again troubling you with two Post-Office Orders for $120.00 which I wish to be appropriated as follows:

To Congregational Mifsions [sic] $10.00

To Congregational College $10.00

To Congregational College Building Fund $100.00

With very kind regards to you and Mrs. Cornish
I am, dear sir,
Yours truly

Thomas Baker

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