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W3709 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from Catherine McIlwaine
Sep 12 1882
To: Rev Thomas Baker 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Portrush Ireland

My Dear Brother

I cannot allow this letter to leave without saying a few words to you, in order to sympathize with you, in this sad trial wherewith it has pleased the Lord to afflict us. I confess that I cannot express myself as I would wish to do as my thoughts are confused & troubled. I have just been reading a letter from our only brother now alive, and it is in reply to a letter I sent him about the death of your beloved wife, & our beloved sister. His letter is so tender and touching about her death, he has felt it so much. He says that she was his favourite sister and that she was one of a class of rare women not now to be met with. [written on the side of page:] he had always formed a high opinion of her children who never ?? and the thought that she was gone made him weep like a child! These are his words-

I feel deeply to my heart your loss but to our dear departed one it is [as is ??] unspeakable! It has been indeed a great trial to you not to have been able to hear her I think at the last but you have nothing to reflect on yourself you would willingly have heard if you could. You have been privileged with many a sweet conversation with your dear partner, before her mind was perhaps weakened by disease and brought low by sore affliction Oh! May we be enabled to blefs [sic] and praise God for the grace bestowed on her, who wrought effectually in bringing forth the fruits of Christian love and true piety exhibited in her daily walk in all the relations of life. Duty to who she was called to [fill/tell??]!

Since the date of her terrible ilness, and that she was able to write to me of it & of your tender loving care as nursing her so well it has been one of the petitions I seldom omitted in my humble prayers for her, that it would please our Heavenly Father, to spare you to her while she lived, and it is a Matter of great gratitude to God that He has answered my prayer on this respect that you were near her to the last all belonging to her in this place are of this mind 'that everything was done for our dear Sister that could have been done to restore or prolong her life but God's will was otherwise. May He enable us to submit to that holy blessed will with patience you will be lonely & often desolate. But the God that has brought you this far on your journey will be sufficient to support you to the end of it "His promise still holds good". I will never leave nor forsake thee". I would wish to know if you remember did my dear Sister receive from me in a letter sometime since an printed letter written by an invalid lady- And did she like it? I hope your health will not suffer by this trial, it is one grace consolation left you that that you have such a sweet good affect [sic] daughter, left you and so many dear little grandchildren .

I will be glad to hear from you when you are able to write me and I hope I will not forget to pray for you, and that you may be upheld in this Gr. hour of need

I remain ys affectionate Sister

C McIlwaine

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