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W3671 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his grandson John Puckridge Baker
Apr 17 1882
To: Rev. Thomas Baker, 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: 312 Thames Street, London, Ontario

Rev. Thomas Baker

My dear Grandpa,

I take almost the earliest favourable opportunity of replying to yours of the 15 of March. That portion of it referring to Alice's movements I find it exceedingly difficult to refer to. I scarcely know how to express my feelings at her conduct. For it seems unnatural in the extreme, that now when she is fortunately in circumstances which would enable her to be of inestimable benefit to her Brother & Sisters, & that too without causing the least harm but rather a benefit to herself also, that she should coolly decline to consider their interests in the least. She is fully aware that I have been boarding & providing for Willie at a full third less than the same ammodation can be reasonably provided in any City in Ontario. To say nothing of having Lottie the whole of last winter & a good portion of this. And now to my proposal that Willie would be nice company for her during the remainder of his apprenticeship. She makes answer that she does not want to have him about while he is training such a trade as harness making, even if she were living in London. And to Minnie's proposal that it would be nice for her to join us in taking a respectable & convenient house that would admit of dividing, or live side by side in a double house, she replies that so long as I am a Brakeman it would prevent her from obtaining the class of callers that she would wish. She knows that by settling in London there would always be a home for any of the family in case of distress of any kind & she could place a musical instrument & other advantages at Minnie's disposal which my circumstances utterly forbid me to do. And for these privileges Minnie's company assistance & advice would more than recompense. And in the event of my marrying the change could gradually & pleasantly be made & Minnie find a comfortable home between the two houses till such time as she might find it suitable to do otherwise.

As far as my own individual interests are concerned I would just as leave that she lived in Paris but for the sake of the family I consider it not a matter of choice but that she should try to be of some little assistance. I have layed the matter before her in this light some time since but she did not approve of it. So I have said nothing since the receipt of your letter. I do not think there is anyone who could exercise as much influence over her as yourself. If she moved to London I do not ask her to have anything whatever to do with me. I would gladly advise or assist her if she wished or would accept but there is no need if she would rather not; I can recommend her to legal advice second to none in the Dominion, & the management of her affairs could be accomplished as easy here as in Paris, & surely there could be no harm in her placing herself on terms of friendship & social equality with Minnie.

Lottie is now in bed & right in the very critical part of her trial, the operation was much more severe than at any previous time & we have hopes of a corresponding efficacy. She bore it like the Heroine that she is, & if ever anyone deserved success I think she does.

I was down to see Alice a few days ago & took her for a long drive, her health is improving very much, & I believe she intends visiting Hamilton in a short time.

Minnie and Jimmie are as usual. Willie has a severe cold. With kindest love, I remain Your Affecte [sic] Grandson

J.P. Baker [John Puckridge Baker] .

John P. Baker

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