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W3610 TO TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his granddaughter Winne
Dec 13 1881
To: Rev. Thomas Baker Hamitlon Ontario
From: 312 Thames St. London Ontario

My Dear Grandpa

[I give??] you will thank me rather? Disputeful for not acknowledging the present you so kindly sent me before this Perhaps you will [forgive??] me when I tell you that I have not been [ignoring you??] but that I haven't really [been around lately??] Now dear Grandpa I [harbour??] you will wonder what I have been doing to keep me so busy but I will tell you, the ladies of the congregation church are setting up a bazzaar [sic] which is to be held on the [??]st of this month. We have a sewing circle every Wednesday afternoon, the first one was held at the Parsonage. The ladies were invited for the Afternoon. And the gentlemen in the evening but as the time is drawing near for the bazzaar [sic], and the sewing not nearly finished, they have stoped [sic] inviting the gentlemen. The girls all say they won't go. But I suppose we will have to, oh I must not forget to tell you that the young ladies are all expected to take swing home with them & do. And what with doing the housework and finishing mine I can assure you I have been kept busy. If John is away from home I leave Jimmie with a friend of ours untill Willie comes home at six when he gets home. He is such a good little fellow that I can leave him any were and know that he will not be much trouble. He is growing quite nicely now. He was four years old last month. And is very anxious to have a pair of knee boats And clothes like his lovely dolls. I expect you have heard that Mr. Harbin has sold his place. They are quite undecided as to there future movements. Lottie is very fond of the baby. They said in their last letter that she was just beginning to walk alone Lottie is coming to London after Christmas to have the operation on her [cleft palet??]over again. Poor girl. I will be ever so glad to see her but wish her throat was done. You cannot imagine how lonely I felt when she left us in the spring Lottie is sich good company and then we can go out evenings to-gether.

Perhaps you have heard that Aunt Pickerd's oldest daughter is to be married on Wednesday next. Lottie I believe is to be bridesmaid. Emma will be a young bride, She is not Seventeen yet.

Now Dear Grandpa I must thank you very much for the present you sent me. I can assure you it was very acceptable as winter clothing costs so much. And I am going to have my teeth extracted and have a new upper set just as soon as possible as I have had the tooth ache a particular lately. Now I will conclude hoping Grandma is enjoying good health. You forget to tell us how [you are??] in your last letter. Now with kindest love to all dear Grandpa, [be love one ever??]

Your loving granddaughter Winnie

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