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Dec 5 1881
To: Rev. Thomas Baker
From: J.P. Baker London Ontario

312 Thames St
London, Ontario
Dec 5th 1881

My dear Grandpa 1

Your letter of Dec 1st confefsions [sic] post office under to thirty dollars is well with thanks.

I understand you right by Minnie is to receive her letter Inst which is to assist in church expenses as much, & the brother to be to be rooted to be over private use; of this is not on accordance with your wishes please let me know.

Should this be as you intended I shall be pleased & thankful for I feel that there are more than Minnie more worthy or more oppressive of this kindness. And perhaps you will permit me to add that I think your present is continuously well made for I am sure that Minnie is much more in need of it than Willie. I much wish that my circumstance permitted me to be better for her myself but at the present extravagant prose of almost every necessary of life there is in my income but little more than a living. And while mother has got the whole course of life before him, it is to be remembered that Minnie is growing well into making & I should be very pleased if I could but see her comfortably settled in life. She is a very fair housewife an excellent nurse I rather a fine barking gist & I should think she would make a good into you say and that would let her to box when she took the motion, please mind this is very private. I do not know that I should venture to ask you to be over the receipt of the confidence were it not that her we're quite haggard this morning as to whether I may have a small looking glass hang in our kitchen dining room or whether I must have it out in the [??] for it is so cold in my bedroom in the winder and that I cannot wash & shave then with comfort & I do not wish to run up stairs every time for the convenience) but we run to be living in an age much devoted to fashionable display 7 artistic accomplishments especially in the cities, & without some advantages in the respects an otherwise quite loveable young lady may fail to make herself attractive to the young men of the day.

We are [?] nicely acquainted with the congregation and find them particularly sociable & kind. They have quite a number of social entertainments, I have not been able to attend any of them myself but Minnie has been remained with many of the congregation & I am told that Jimmie is a special favourite. If Minnie & I should it would be rather an anxious question to tell which every James Alfred would go. We are each of us resolved never to part from him & he is strongly attracted to us both.

I often tell Minnie that of the intent to have him she had better the about to have him finished letter today up to then some time in Whitehern if invited quite pofsible [sic] that if he is not met quite well.

Mither [sic] is in good health. Living pretty well as has bade she was first very favourably of his willing diction and fond I'd rather be spending night that I should mention of her that be some entering in attention to the shop girls up morning after noon. Beg of his own feat and accomplishments [?] off to his world. He has not time to hang much. [?] of the his if money & I have at different times though or asking you approval that a mild feeling of his image would be well devoted in assisting me to make alm mostly as labels. Better he have each of us enjoyed excellent health through a very unhealthy season. Minnie alone I think being occasionally indisposed usually either from a bad cold or die from her teeth. We have just received a letter from office in which she tells us that they have sold their place. They are all well then little girls is beginning as well. Locke is late & Lucy is coming to London after inner [?] & her [?] are about moving to China a few days an they drain down to the house and brought in a nice sewing machine as a present for Minnie it is not a new one but yet is in excellent working order so infer your present followed a few days after [D] began to H is to herself legible favoured.

With very kindest love my dear grandpa to yourself expo and a in which all of us invite [?].

Your affect grandson J.P. Baker

1 For more information on Rev. Thomas Baker and his grandchildren, go to the Homepage, click on Family and then click on his photo.

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