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W3567 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his grandson William P. Baker
May 12 1881
From: 312 Thames St. London Ontario

My dear grandpa

My dear grandpa I receivd with much pleasure your letter, and also your very kind present. I Hope you will receive my [confessions??] dear grandpa in not answering your letter sooner, but it was almost impossible for me to write the last three or four weeks as [Mr ??] was ill and that made us unusually [buisy??]. And since then I can only offer a ?? worth ??. But I must not forget to tell you tha. In the [??] much and will take the rest in care of it because says that might we be ashamed of myself also have one reaching soon right. To of can writing to you have written you on the name that think we'd interest you know you will request to this that Minnie is ever be joined less from forty over moon and one [??] from day [this paragraph is incredibly blurred, it was a judgment call on much of the words]

He looked up and said very orderly Oh Uncle Will I wish God would not make the sun so hot. John told us that Aunt Mary's little girl had started to school. Jimmie does not go to school yet but he can read quite nicely out of the first book. And he can print letters on his slate almost better than the copy Minnie gets him, he can also tell the time of day just as well as any of us: it yoused [sic] to puzzle him very much to know the reason why the little hand would not go as fast is the minute hand so one day when he was alone in the room he put a chair over by the sideboard took of [sic] his boots and climbed right up on the top of it and opened the clock door and when Minnie came in the room he said I am just trying to make the little hand go as fast as the other. I must not forget to tell you that John had two teeth drawn the other day. Minnie is quite poorly and such a girl I never knew she talks and scolds even in her sleep we often wake her and ask her what she is talking about she just tells us it is none of our business. Now I must tell you that I'm getting along nicely with my trade. I think I will go fishing on the 24 of may. I hope it will be a nice day.

I think I will close now dear Grandpa hoping Grandma is much better than when you last wrote and you in your usual good health.

With kindest love to all believe me ever you affectionate grandson

William P. Baker

P.S. Sent Mary's express present to Lottie. Arrive safely Lottie has returned home to Paris but we have sent them to her I expect she has received them before this absence has in last believe me ever
Your affectionate granddaughter

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