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W3560 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER From J.T. Cotton.
May 12 1881
From: 97 Mildway Road, mildmay Pack Stoke Kingston London, Eng

Dear Mr Baker

I am truly sorry if I have caused you any anxiety by expecting dear Mrs Pike of course before this Mrs Pike has informed you that she had found a home for your sister & that she was placed there on the 25th of April I intended writing to you again but thought it best to wait a few weeks that I might better know if Mrs Pike felt happy I am glad to tell you in exactly her own words how well satisfied she is, I went to see her immediately on the receipt of your letter, and on asking her how she felt in her new home, She looked up and said Jany, dear better and happier than I have since my dear husbands death.

I miss my own home but indeed dear they do all they can they are all very very kind, she is kept beautifully clean and enjoys her food, which she tells me is good and unlimited.

We were much dissapointed at not getting her into St Judes Home, when it came to the last the ladies thought her too infirm. Mrs Hedges the Matron or Head of the Home seems to me a kind sensible Matter of fact woman well qualified for the position she holds, of course it is very [??] form any very decided opinion but at present it seems to me just what I have stated. I trust most sincerely it may continue as satisfactory as it now appears.

Miss Pike wished me to tell you that she had not been informed of the remittance you had sent her namely the ten pound note you mention in my letter and she had not received any letter herself from you she also desired Mrs. Hedges to write the enclosed to you.

Please understand distinctly that I have written the above paragraph at Mrs Pike's express desire the desire being made in the presence of Mrs. Hedges.

I am truly grieved you should have been told that your sister was in a state of destitution that was rather strong terms to use and must have troubled you greatly I think dear Mrs Pike has your love and esteem enough to prevent such a calamity as that. I cannot remember dear sir if I told you in my last letter that I am about leaving England for Sing Sing near New York I expect to sail about the early part of June most likely between the 12th and 18th it has been one of my troubles leaving you [your] dear sister I mentioned this to a friend of mine or perhaps it will be better to say an old and valued friend of my Aunts and myself.

Mr Lundie he and his wife both said do not let this trouble you we have met Mrs Pike at your house and will gladly go and see her for your sake and your Aunts and will write all particulars to you from time to time Mr Lundie's address is

Mr Lundie
Grocer near Kailng Bridge
Caledonia Rd
London, Eng

He is well known to Mr James Walker and Miss Russell both of Hamilton Ontario I believe Mr Walker is a Tallow merchant.
I write this if you should feel inclined to make inquiries you would feel that there is one Christian friend at least who will take an interest in one so dear to you if at any time you would like to write to to Mr Lundie he will gladly reply with any information respecting your sister.

I must now bring this long letter to a close & shall be much pleased to have the pleasure of sending one more letter from you to dear Mrs Pike before leaving England if you have time to write again.
Mrs Pike decries her very kind love to you and all the family & begs me to say how grateful she is to you for all your kindess to her with kind regards I remain dear Sir

Yrs Truly, J.P. Cotton

Now Mrs Pike spent the last Sunday in her own home her three cousins Arthur, Joeseph and John Hardy with closely all went to tea with her inspecting on her sick room she expressed herself delighted after tea she begged us to sing Book of Ages, left for one, begone unbelief my saviour is near she then took her Bible lead a psalm & spoke to us about parting and also from the words the god of Hosts is with us the god of Josef is one refuge, we then sang Praise God from whom all blessings flow and parted.

She said Oh I could not have had a greater treat than this all my children with me, she used always to call us her own children.

1 Sarah Pike is Rev. Thomas Baker's sister.

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