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Apr 20 1881
To: Louisa Pike. King Street, london, England.
From: 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario.

This day April 28th 1881 sent a letter to Mrs Louisa Pike in reply to two of hers from what the following is an extract

I enclose you two Post Office orders for 10.00 pounds each. By the 1st June I hope to send you another Twenty pounds sterling which like that of today will cost me 25.00 pounds of our money which you will please to apply to the use and benefit of my poor sister. Please give my kindest love to her. May the Divine presence and blefsing [sic] be with her.

If a comfortable home can be obtained for my sister for eighty pounds per annum I pledge myself to furnish that sum as may be required, and if the parties concerned will be satisfied with such security as a Commander in the Royal Navy, though in Canada can give them, I am prepared to give any reasonable security, pay a quarter fee in advance or more frequent. [last line blotted out??] Home. I could wish that you would give a sovereign to Mrs.[Hedges ??] and one to the nurse M. [Ruirty??]-her notes to Mrs. Gorham are kind and lady-like. I desire that she may be suitably [??] [Know I do not want any expenses whatever??] with reference to the sale of the furniture and keep on account [??] any money you may incur and expend for your own [??] and that if any other who may have a right to ask [??] and when "all is settled up" make an equitable division [??] decries my loved sister [desend??].

Rev. Baker

The above manifests the love of my sister to her brother and friends, but permits me to afsure [sic] you you that while upon the whole we approve of the arrangments yet we wish to make an alteration, which I think if [known to my dear sister??] would not be [advisable??]. Thanks be to a gracious Provider we have enough and to spare and whilst we appreciate the affection of our dear sister as she exprefsed by her [??] we wish to decline accepting them.

Your sister is a treasure you have met with [??], we therefore give what was designed for us to your common stock. You will therefore Mrs. L. Pike take all the capital Mrs. Pike left and use money valued from the sale of any property belonging to her. Pay all her funeral expenses, and all other debt that may have been contracted by her or on her behalf and that anything left over and above , all debts being paid, let it be divided among you as a small token of gratitude for what was done for her" according to her [desire??].

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