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W3517 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his granddaughter Minnie Baker
Feb 7 1881
To: Rev. Thomas Baker, 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: 312 Thames Street, London, Ontario

Rev. Thomas Baker,

My Dear Grandpa,

I know you must be daily expecting to hear from me regarding Lottie's throat. It did not heal nearly as quickly as the Drs. at first anticipated that it would. Therefore the operation was not performed as soon as what first expected. But it was performed on Thursday last, the Drs. concluded to do it rather differently from the first operation they have only drawn the upper part [together?] this time they [which by?] doing it by degrees it will be far more likely to unite but it is harder for poor Lottie though as it will have to be done over twise [sic] more,1 and perhaps three times. She suffered quite as much this time as the first although they were not nearly as long performing the operation but they took the stitches so much further back that it made it double painful. She bore it very well, but did not quite as well as the first time. The Drs. said she knew too well what was coming. She is very good though and very little trouble to what some people would be, she is not out of bed yet the Drs. think this will be a success. I was in hopes of being able to tell you that it had started to unite but cannot just yet.

Now Dear Grandpa, I hope you will not be annoied with me for not writing before. I know I ought to have written as soon as the operation was performed, but you know I have to be up nights considerable, and with my other work I do get so tired that I do not feel like doing anything more than I can possible help.

Willie gave me quite a fright this morning by walking in about ten oclock with his finger bleeding, he had cut it while at work and Mr. Thackabury sent him home to have it bound up. It does not amount to much, But Willie thinks its pretty bad.

I had a letter from Allie about three weeks ago, she wanted me to be sure and answer that day or the next so as they would get before leaving Philadelphia. I answered the same day about a week ago I received a letter from Philadelphia from another Mr. Harbin saying his wife had been given the letter and as her name was the same as the address concluded it was for her. Mr. Harbin wanted me to give him my sister's [husband?] address as he thought they must be related as Harbin is such an uncommon name he asked if Mr. H. was an Englishman, I answered the letter but could not give him there address as they did not send it home. But they would of been gone any way. We all like Mr. Hunter very much as far as we know him. He has not called yet but have had an introduction. Mr. Wallace was well liked but I like Mr. Hunter ever so much the best.

Now dear Grandpa I hope you are all much better than when you last wrote, and with kindest love to Grandma Aunt Mary and your self, believe me ever your Loving Granddaughter

Minnie [Baker]

1 This letter has many errors in spelling and punctuation which we have transcribed as near to the original as possible.

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