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W3513 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from Mrs. Helen Gorham
Jan 31 1881
To: Rev. Thomas Baker 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Hanover Villa, Ravinsdale Road, Marryford Hill, London North, England

My dearly loved Friends,

Although I answered your last sad letter and expressed my grief and sympathy at its contents I feel I must write to inform you and my much esteemed friend Mr. Baker that since I last wrote I have been to see my dear Christian friend Mrs. Pike whome [sic]I had not seen on account of my being confined to the house with Bronchitis for nine weeks. It is just a month today since I visited Mrs. Pike. I found her confined to her bed in great weaknefs [sic] both body and mind. I was very thankful I was then able to go and see her before her mind became weaker so to enjoy a little conversation together as my health has not permitted me to visit her again she expressed herself very pleased to see me, she said "I long to soar away and take you on my back" she said how kind and thoughtful you had been of her she wished me to see your letter which I did and was very sorry to read in it of your still sad state.

I wrote a week ago to know how she was. This morning past brought me word in a note from Mifs [sic] Pike L. stating Mrs. Pike continued very weak and unsettled in her mind. I enclose the note. The Dr. came in when I was there, after he went she said I need not [redeem??] the Old Tabernacle is worn out Jesus was her refuse and would shortly take her home. Not having been aquainted with any of dear Mrs.P relation, I felt I must tell you all I could about the happy state of her mind.

I afsure [sic] you my dear friend I feel very sad in loosing such a dear Christian friend we have spent many a pleasant hour I may say profitable too on my own part I always felt edified after visiting. What a consolation when we can say on loosing our friends our lofs [sic] is their eternal gain - I am speaking if her reason powers are not restored she is lost to me as long as we are in this chequered Wildernefs.

I duly received dear Mary's beautiful card and best of wishes please to kifs [sic] her for me with best love the same post brought a card and letter from Mrs. Hope, we have had very severe cold weather the last few weeks you I fear must have suffered very much in your state of health how often I think of you my loved friend of many years, should like to be near to render any little afsistance[sic] when needed.

What a blefsing [sic] that we have a Throne of Divine grace accefsible [sic] at all times -were we can pour out all our sorrows and receive grace to help to sustain us at all times - I do not forget my dear afflicted friend when at the footstool of Mercy. May the lord be with you continually and blefs [sic] you abundantly is the prayer of your old friend-

I heard from Newmarket lately Nelson has been very ill. Mr. Gorden has entered on his heavenly rest in the 95th year of his age his mind was quite gone some time before his death, what a change for the dear man.

I was glad to hear [Litty??] was with Nelson the proper place when I heard from Nelson before Christmas he said Mrs. N was going to the South to spend the winter with her sister so Litty will be company for her Brother and I hope her happily together.

Mr. Woodhouse had a very rough and dangerous voyage on his return to Canada his friends were very anxious indeed, they [?] long over time.

Now dear friends, I must bring my long scribble to a close excuse all blunders.

P.S. When my health and weather permits I hope to go and see dear Mrs. Pike again. With kind love to you both.

I remain your sincere Attached old friend

Helen Gorham

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