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W3496 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his granddaughter Minnie Baker
Jan 2 1881 1
To: Rev. Thomas Baker, 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: 312 Thames Street, London, Ontario

Rev. Thomas Baker,

My Dear grandpa,

I know you must wonder how it is you have not heard from us before respecting Lottie's throat. When I wrote before it was arranged by the Dr. and us that Lottie should go to the hospital the following Monday. But the Dr. afterwards said if we would prefer, he would just as soon perform the operation in the house and Lottie seemed to very much prefer having it done at home [so then we asked?] the Dr. [what?] day he could do [it?] and he said he would have to send to New York for the instruments. But they would be heare [sic] in a few days. But for some reason they did not come untill [sic] last week. So the operation was performed in the house on Thursday but there were three Drs. Dr. Moore and his father and Dr. Stevenson, they were about three quarters of an hour working on her throat, but she bore it bravely. The Drs. all complimented her on her good behaviour, and old Dr. Moore said, well Miss Baker, I have performed a good many operations similar to your sisters, but never knew any one bear it as well for a young person as your sister, and Dr. Stevenson said if it turned out as well as Miss Lottie deserved that it should, it was sure to be a success.2 And we all hope it will. The poor girl is getting quite weak as she cannot eat anything, but takes beef tea and milk with a teaspoon. We have her bed downstairs in the front room as it is much easier to keep the room an even temperature, than any of the others. I have had to sit up a good part of every night as John is very busy just now and away nearly all the time. Willie is a very good boy and helps me all he can but he has quite long hours from seven until six. He had a long letter from Allie last week, they were in Philadelphia when she wrote, but intended having to go further South as soon as the holidays were over. They seem to be enjoying their trip very much.3

Miss Harbin was married the seventeenth of last month. She sent us a nice piece of wedding cake. I was rather surprised that she sent the cake but very much pleased as Bessie and I were always the best of friends. You know dear grandpa that we have been without a regular minister since Mr. Wallace left the church, but we have had very nice sermons from your friend Mr. Robertson in name. Willie thinks him very much like Grandpa Baker and likes him accordingly. But they have secured a very eloquent minister [now?] [but who?] as [sic] been preaching in Newmarket. I hope we will all like him as much as most of them [expect to?]. Now dear grandpa, I think I have told you all, so will conclude wishing you a very happy New Year. And hoping Grandmama's health is much better than when we last heard from you.

Believe me, Your Granddaughter

Minnie Baker

1 Only the month and the year are given in this letter. There is however a small space and what looks to be "nd." Possibly Minnie meant to write a 2 in the space.

2 Lottie was undergoing surgery for a cleft palate. Unfortunately the first operation was not entirely successful and Lottie had to endure several more operations.

3 Alice married Edward Harbin on the 26th of May, 1880. See W3429 for John P. Baker's description of the wedding.

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