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W3487 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from John Puckridge Baker
Dec 13 1880
To: Rev. Thomas Baker 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: 312 Thames Str, London, Ontario

Rev. Thos Baker
My dear Grandpa

As Minnie satisfied you of the safe arrival of your favour of the first [inst?] I hope you will forgive me for delaying to answer you [??] I have really been unusually busy and the severity of the weather has made the trips both hard and long and you will also believe me that the night work and irregular rest when pressed hard will at the nerves in such a state that it is sometimes almost impossible to sit down and write a letter though I could spare the time but I will try and avoid having to ask you to excuse a repetition of the offense.

With regard to Willie I think there is good reason to feel hopeful of his taking the advice you sent him and you need have no fear but what both Minnie and I will take much pains to visit him in so doing.

With regard to his trade his master speaks very highly of him so far and when he was off sick for a day or two a short time since his master refused to make any deduction at the end of the week, and we are doing all we can to make home cheerful and pleasant for him so that he may not tire of the drudgery of the youngest apprentice.

Mr. Harbin and Alice have gone away for the winter so we have had Lottie with us since the begining [sic] of the month and I think she will remain till the end of may [sic]. We have for some days been waiting the Doctor arrangements to go on with the treatment of her throat2 and I will immediately acquaint you with any steps that are taken. I should like to know the name of the Hamilton Surgeon who attended Grandma and of whom you spoke as being so skillful. There is an examinatory [sic] consultation spoken of and I am not sure but we might think it advisible [sic] to get Dr. Moore to exchange views with the person spoken of above. If such an arrangement were concluded we would not of course think of putting [sic] you to any trouble in Grandma's indifferent health, But our Dr. would make the appointment and taking Lottie down with him would return the same next day. I do not suppose the consultation would cost more in Hamilton than London, the only difference then, being the railway fare which I can procure at half rate. I do not know yet, that such a course will be deemed advisible [sic] or necessary, but if it be I hope we will be able to [effect/afford??] it, for it will really be great [?] regret it the [??] is but to the severe [?] and pain with out receiving every possible benefit. It was expected that it would have been attended to early [???] and no doubt would have [????????????], but though it has caused considerable delay the Dr. [????] to think [??] experience and Lottie was in very much need of the liberal remuneration which Alice made her.

In conclusion allow me to say with regard to both Willie and Lottie, if there is another you wished done which is not done or if I have done anything [??] wished not done, or if there are more instructions or suggestions which you would wish to give or make, please mention it and I will give immediate and careful attention. With kindest love for yourself, Grandma, Aunt Mary
I sincerly remain my dear grandpa,
Your affec. Grandson,

John P. Baker

(P.S. We are all in excellent health)

1 Rev. Thomas Baker oversees the care of his 7 granchildren, orphaned by his son James Alfred Baker. John Puckridge Baker is the oldest of these orphaned siblings, aged 29 at the time of this letter. For more information about the Baker family see W2953, W4141, W2960, W3328, W5496.

2 It is probable that Lottie has a cleft Palate.

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