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Dec 11 1871
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten Hamilton, Ontario
From: Millbrook

My Dear McQuesten,

Whereas your letter of the 1st inst. Was [sic] duly received and perused it seemeth good to me not desiring to incur the charge of neglect, to write to you O Calvinides! I have been purposing [sic] to write to you for several days but have been "let" hitherto. I expected to see you under the canvas of the "great Show" about the 20th of last month, but upon the passage of T. M. Grover through these domains, my expectation ceased until further notice. The "longbeard" has suffered a diminution. I at instigation of some evil spirit, did upon a certain Evening, feloniously and wantonly refuse to allow its being stroked by delicate fingers--whereupon--Lo! at midnight a scene occurred in which the young man--Sampson-like--was shorne [sic] of his locks--i.e. his beard. I have preserved the remnant--And that, together with the "living skeleton" alias the "Fat Boy" will make a first class exhibition--and as there is to be a new Town Hall erected in Millbrook we can carry on the show under one mamoth [sic] canvas-. [sic] But to be serious, I am very glad to hear that your father is so much better--I join with you in the hope that he may enjoy a ripe old age--So you have not settled on a pastor for your people--Surely it is high time. I understood that MacCall of Dundas was the coming man. I have 2 requests from the McNabb [sic] Street Church to preach for them 2 Sabbaths I may go for one Sabbath sometime toward the end of Jany [sic]-1872. So you couldn't go Smythe's affidavit-. how about the gold mining operations? By the way, I have a very important inquiry to make on that head--I have met with Mr. Wood on several occasions lately and have had several lengthy conversations with him about the new project--I applied to him to know if it were possible for me to obtain 2 shares in the stock--He said that my only chance to obtain them would be through you--as you had 20. He also added that if I should succeed in getting them it would be purly [sic] a matter of friendship or favour. now I am only going to ask if it is possible for me to obtain thro' you a representation of 2 shares in the concern, or even one--I am prepared of course to advance the necessary funds to defray my part of the expense or any expense already incurred. I would not wish, of course, that any extreme pressure should be brought to bear in the matter, but you might just mention the thing to your Father. It would afford me a chance of investing a little funds in a profitable way. By taking a little interest in this request you will greatly oblige me-- Remember me kindly to your Father & Mother--And accept me his kind regards-- You can answer at your convenience-

Yours very Truly

W. Mitchell--

I.B. McQuesten

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