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Some sections of this letter are illegible.

W2287 TO ISAAC MCQUESTEN from his cousin, Meg E. McQuesten.
Nov 25 1870
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten Hamilton Ontario
From: Meg E. McQuesten Plymouth New Hampshire

Plymouth, N.H.
Nov 25th 1870

My Dear Isaac,

We have my new writing each other by the same mail, but I delayed a little consequently I have the pleasure of answering yours received to day. The last and nicest one you have ever written me of all. The many and nice letters you have so kindly written me during all these years since first we met.

As you say "why have I not written?" One of the strongest reasons has been that I long to see and talk with you and your dear Mother, that mentions my dear sister's son. For one who talks as fast as I do writing is so precious when it can become nicely done. I can easily write formal letters but when I have as heart and heart folks it does not satisfy me. You and your mother's cousin lest I fail.

Our friends commenced visiting us in May and our home so much company a season between May and Sept. Since different people [???] as [?] a night [?] skipping there and [???] [The rest of the page is illegible].

The visit to Boston this Mother has been absent considerably during the summers, with a very sick sister who died in days. I had a hard job and I was very busy. I did not receive any letter from your Mother and you are the first to tell me of his visit to N.E. Why did she not come to [?] I should have had for her and so would [??]. She is a dear woman, how much comfort she now takes. I ask you could come and make me a visit. Are you [?] coming to the states to study? I do not like to go so far away from Mother & Father & sisters. [The next two lines are illegible].

I came to see you my heart and I shall always [?] that were I alone I should look to you and your Mother for love and comfort and could you [?] that could be asked.

Many many thanks for your loving expressions. They meet with a [??] when I have been so apparently negligent. I am still Meg McQuesten-not the slightest prospect of being anything else or taking any other names. Mr. Lindguist made a visit here in July always feels an [?] you and your charming home. Our young minister is engaged to [?] fiance. [Rest of the page is illegible].

Mother will remember if [?] with the white doves the night Jasmine to our young [?]. Brother [??] is very feeble. We feel quite for her living here. I should be delighted to send anything you think [?] good [?] and that [?] me so I do not write as much as I ought. I am so glad you wrote me about Dr. Ormiston. I will send you to days [sic] paper with a notice of him through a letter writer. Then you must write him. I can imagine some people's feelings, I am sure.

Oh Isaac let us bring to salvation to be my teacher mindful of the feelings of this and especially by Him who is with us and [???] wish for happiness. She is sometimes [?] for this way to [??]. That we [?] it your selfish [?]. We had so many deaths of friends this summer. The summer a [???] 27- [???] with the [??] brilliant [?] a lawyer the [???] I did [?] with a [?] sickness unconscious of his illness. She had not thought of leaving life so soon. [???] if she had seen into the future.

Oh the satisfaction the only not can satisfy to [???]. I fully appreciate your letter and pity you when [??] you. Oh my weakness so [?] so [?] of hanging off a [??] together better when patience and [??] so mind the [?] tell me about [?] special [?] and if [??] each other [???] be an [??] of all things I should paid in a man tenderness would be first. Yesterday [?] N.E. Thinks giving a [?] broken [?] still [?] able [?] in [??] to be grateful for I shock [?] she [?] the [?] and called over a [??] she [??]. What changes in [?] since last I write you. [??]! The earthquake are [?] a little [??] and the consequences [?] had been fearful. News with love to your dear Father, Mother [?] your [?] dear self I must say good night and write me soon with your [?].

Ever your affectionate cousin

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