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Aug 6 1865
To: Isaac McQuesten
From: Nashua New Hampshire

Dear Cousin Ike.

I'm sure you've every reason for feeling that your little coz. has sadly neglected you. I confess I am, ashamed and hardly dare to write when I think what a long long time has elapsed since the receipt of your last dear good note. I'm always so glad to hear from you, and think I surely will answer it at once. Well one delay always leads to another you know and these weeks pass by unnoticed till I'm again obliged to begin another letter to Ike by a bundle of Excuses, petitions for pardon and promises for the future which latter [?]. I will no longer use tho' I do realy [sic] feel I will reform and of all others be very attentive to my duties to my dear coz. for we always were- and should be the best of friends- letting no neglect at least part us.

I'm wondering where this terribly warm weather finds you. I surely hope not in College confined & to the limits of a class, dull study. Do you ever wander in thought so far away as this little home up among New Hampshire's hills? O we've all been hoping so strong that you'd come on this Fall-won't you Ike? If only for a little while, we want to see you so much. Have got a nice and thoroughly new team with which I promise you, as many drives as you want with your bewitching little coz for companion. It does seem as tho' you might give up part of your vacation. I've been quite an invalid ever since last April not able to do aught scarcely save ride around & enjoy myself. So do come on Ike and attend to my many wants, Will you? This is my last summer at home & I want to enjoy it with my friends around me. Early in the spring if nothing new happens I shall migrate to a warmer climate- Mr. R. has gone into business in [??] where of course our home will be. This is not just where I'd fancy to live but as it seems the place for him to be. I'm willing to put up with it for a while hoping for a change back to good old Boston after a time should we be successful. Next year, Ike will you come & visit us in our new home? Everything were for a good time fishing and gaming just elegant you know, Everything Goes for fun-! Can furnish my own [?] with out any of your assistance. Here Nashua is the same as ever Ike dull & lonely. Very sickly here this season Ma has had quite a sick spell but seems gaining slowly now. Harry goes to Boston this Fall to Clerk it in the largest store the City affords So called a very smart salesman. The bank is closing up now so this January Pa will be free. Can't tell then what will become of us all.

Are your family all at home this summer or traveling? We hear by Montreal friends that Miss McKeand1 your Ma's friend is at last married & living in that city! Poor soul! I'm glad for her sake that she's escaped the disgrace of dying an old maid. Well Ike what new flirtation have you got to tell me about. You can't taunt me with present cruelty in this line for of course being so near an "old married woman" I have to walk pretty straight (when any ones looking) Can only think upon the good old times in the past gone forever. Should you be at home Ike will you ask your Ma if she will loan me for a few weeks the pattern's for that Tidy Mary Mc. made her. I can find nothing here I like as well. Will be very careful of it & return soon as possible with many many thanks. I am called for below so must bring this to a hasty close. Do write me soon Ike & a good long letter of news. All send much love to our dear ones in Hamilton-
Your loving little Coz.


1 The McKeand family were relatives of Dr. Calvin McQuesten's third wife Elizabeth Fuller. For more information on the McKeand family see their footnote at W4535.

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