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Jan 8 1865
From: Nashua New Hampshire

Wish you all a happy new year!!

My dear Cousin Ike

Don't you think I am improving in giving you such an early answer to your last dear good letter but I was so glad little coz to hear from you again that I was almost tempted to write you immediately on its receipt till thought better for it chat I should rather long myself than be subjected to [?] for me to by [??]. But you know dear boy you and me have always been the best of cousins and it does seem ill planed that we should be so far separated. Where if our homes were nearer together we could enjoy ourselves so much for our [?] silent for a long time don't think Ike you are forgotten for scarcely a day passes I am not reminded of you in some way the memory of some ludicrous event comes up calling your visit to mind like the lunch of water melon in [??] home filling every available article with the remains. Mrs. Mc[?] and your guests the Band [???] glad to be your weekly correspondent had I not so many other dutties [sic] which forbid it we will try and atone for past neglect in [??] in the future. By a remark in your last letter I am led to fear I am the divided shaper of your good affections. Well I suppose I must expect it and not be [??] enough to claim all your good [??] Ike promise me that no one shall ever be so dear as to claim that share of your dear good heart which your cos Joe will always try to merit and I feel should ever rightfully belong to me. I know so little of [?] that I scarcely can realize our relation I wish I might know him better. Perhaps [???] only come and see us hid like us before than he thinks for remember me to him with much love and ask him if he visit sometime visit us in our [??] home. Yo [sic] think little coz of your being so near me last Summer and not coming on. Oh I can't get over the feeling of neglect. Next season Ike will you spend with me? It will probably be my last at home and I intend to enjoy it. Shall expect you, so make your arrangments according I can't be [???] such a splendid photograph of your own dear self. Many thanks. I will try and return the [?] my [?]. My last one proved a failure. I suppose your now enjoying your winter vacation with your own home the finest and most reckless gallant in town & if poor kid Kate is still no rest night or day. All of me to exchange compliments and imagine you a terrific [sic] heart breaker from Toronto College. O I can imagine first term yo're enjoying every day and do sincerely wish I could be with you. I think a winter in Canada must be perfectly gay! Mrs. Abbott from Montreal is visiting here and insists upon my returning home with her next month. Should I do so will you come down to see me? Our dear Nelly Ike is sold and only once this winter have I enjoyed a ride on [summer?]. You can well imagine how strange it seems to me not to have a carriage at my command. A farmer took dinner with us last week. Is really a very pleasant young man. Tho I don't think his smartness would to us the expression "Ever more the World I think he expects to be admitted Fo" He Baling the [??] next Thursday. coz go to Boston to visit us a little time and be present at the marriage of a friend. Expect it will be a great affair Wedding at St. Paul's Church and after that a great Reception at the brides home. Should I go into crusades will think of you- Pa will write you about your U.S. Bond as he can explain it to you more fully than I. Write me all about your winter campaign of enjoyments and let me hear from you very soon. We will Have B- for a future home in N.Y. in two weeks business at 99 Water St. so should you be there he will be most happy to see you, and show you the beauty of that little world. Remember us all with much love to your family. I must bid you good night and answer a few of the many letters calling or a reply write soon to [sic] and don't forget your dear cousin

Why doesn't Lizzie McKsend me Pho' of herself and family as she promised to on receipt of mine. Does She value her promises so lightly as this?

1 See also W2224 for the mentioned letter from Joe's father (H. Hobson) explaining to Isaac his United States Bonds.

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