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Nov 20 1864
To: Isaac McQuesten
From: Nashua New Hampshire

Dear Cousin Ike

Now for a nice cozy little chat with you though I don't know which is this long silence is the guilty party yet it shant matter. I'm ashamed to think I've so silly treated duties as your dear coz, as so long to neglect you. But it has not been because you ever forgotten, far from it! But you know one little delay only leads to another and ere you we are aware of it. long months have passed by. If I obtain through your gracious nature your forgiveness this time. I'll try not to need ask it again.

And in this long time i've entirely lost all knowledge of you. Know not whether this winter finds you in Hamilton or pursuing your studies elsewhere. [the?] city a faint idea of Mrs. Sawyers telling us you were in Toronto College, and a very faint one too joe. I was in Boston when they visited us, and did not see them, only through Ma learned with of our dear Canadian friends.

[??] timing Ike was very ungenerous in you and that to send Ma one of your I had and forget you little cousin Joe whose, so many times told you how dear her little Canada Coz was to her. Now Ike the only way for you to drown this bitterness in my heart is to send in your next one of the same to this child. I've some good ones printing, one of which where done shall be said if desired direct to your address.

To think little coz of your coming so near at last Summer and yet not letting us know Ever of your being in the States. Why in the world didn't you let me know of your visit in N.Y. and I'd gone on to meet & enjoy its pleasures with you. Tis a gay little city isn't it Ike. Of course you enjoyed every moment and why couldn't you time [eve.?] just stepped on board the Boat and landed safely in Nashua the very next morning. Did you have such a dull visit with [?] that you never come to see us again? O Ike that cant be, for I shall visit upon your coming on next season as will be my last season in Nashua I suppose and if you want again to see your coz as Josie Hobson, must come on here next Fall. I expect to imigrate [sic] to New York city there to [into?] my new home under my new relation as wife to just as kind and good a little heart as beats in all this wide world. So Ike I must have you with me next summer sure. Remember! This is all perfectly confidential between us two good friends. Be on the lookout for your colored girl and accompaniments!

O such cold wintery weather as this is. Our first snow storm just a week ago today. All very well. Harry still in J. Norwell's store, and likes much. No further news. Please write me soon Ike, and let me know just what you're about and again. Ike try to be more prompt in answering the same.

All send a great deal of love to yourself & Family. How is our dear uncle this Fall. Give him a lot of love from Josie. How much I'd like to see him, dear good old souled.
Your off Coz.


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