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May 16 1864
To: Isaac McQuesten
From: Nashua New Hampshire

Dear Cousin Ike,

I know you will feel that I have indeed sadly neglected you on so long remaining silent and I will not attempt to contradict the truth of just having good reason for so doing or fill the long sheet with excuses that would at best but be unsatisfactory I have indeed been at home but little since the receipt of your last and and bin [sic] very buisy [sic] and tho' we very often thought of you, it has been to think I'd wait until more time was given before writing you. A [thing?] was post poned us very apt as you will know to be again delayed, so this I has been true I feel almost ashamed to write you at all. Tis now nearly a year Ike since we started on our very pleasant visit to your home I truly wish this year I were to repeat I think it did Ma a great deal of good she was never so well before as since her return. Me it did as affect as favourably.

The warm summer in [???] come and I suppose your grounds are [?] beautifully. Our garden is finished and things are looking so green and pretty- Are you still in Hamilton? What do you think about coming East this summer Ike won't you favor us? Of course your Ma will visit us. I think she gave us her promise to that effect and we shall certainly expect her and make her trip as pleasant as possible. Suppose you've heard all about Sue Ames marriage she is living very pleasantly in Boston expect to go down next week where I shall call on her. I [?] meet Mary [?], she passes with a formal bow as [??] cool and indifferent a person as I ever saw. Her gentleman has been frequently sick requiring her whole attention for many weeks think she is now with him in Ontario rusticaing". Well Ike hows my friend Will am waiting very impatiently for the promised tho' you must surely send it in your next. I can't see as I imagine one he in my love for flirting am as desperate as ever. Now Ike for your confidence who is the young lady you referred to in you last letter as such a partner[lovely?] honored favorite with you-the return of an engagement you must tell me all about it-will you my little coz? Ike first send me on a hundred dollar bill-and I'll be with you in the space of a weeks. I want to see you ever so much. Do you know love that I think we're going to be extra good friends? You'll forgive me for my long silence and like me just as much before-I will try and be more puctual in future-But I am called for-and must say good bye- Write me very soon please-Much love from all. [See?] Mis McK. I'v given up all hopes of receiving the promised photographs of her family which I exchanged mine for. Also four [mis?]-set them for me and send in next-will you? Again good bye-
From off love


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