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W2207 TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN From Harris [Buchanan].
Dec 12 1863 Sunday
To: Isaac McQuesten
From: Nashua New Hampshire

Friend Isaac

Doubtless you will begin to think that we have all forgotten you; but it is not so: The Reason I did not write you before was I packed up and went off to school the next day after we received your letter, I did three days The third day I got mad with the Principal and the fourth packed up and came home. I now go to school in Nashua and this time I am really giving my whole attention to study; And today is the first day I have had time to write to you (for I mean to write a good long letter) so you must excuse me you said in your letter that you had written both joe and myself This is the first letter we have had from you either of us; You ask me why I don't of it for College, the reason is I don't care enough about study for that if I can fit for businefs [sic] (not professional but mercantile) it will be all I will ask. You must excuse this horrible writing as I have written so may letters today my hand is dreadful tired; It is pouring right down here today. How is it with you, I was sitting over in Dr. Grays office last night with his office boy. The Doctor is up country and we were there alone. I was sitting with my back to the door reading a fancy book and who should come in but my old Gov. I tried to put the book under my coat and it dropped on the floor that made him mistrust something was in the [??] and he stooped down and picked the book up. I thought I should "[?]" but he did not say a word he picked up the book and threw it into the fire and told me to go home and then started himself. I assure you I didn't go till I got ready, I expect that he will give me the very [?]; Mother says "tell Isaac that Joe has written him two letters and has received no answer to them, Joe has gone down to Boston to spend the winter I shall go down there to stay a week or two and you may be assured that I shall visit [Copsands?]. (where we got our Breakfast Dinner & supper that memorable day) But I must bid you

From Harris

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