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Sep 1 1863
To: Isaac McQuesten
From: Nashua New Hampshire

Dear Cousin Ike

Since the receipt of your very welcome letter of nearly a week ago I have been each day trying to find time to answer it but when I tell you that last Tuesday was the first time I have been out of doors since the holiday before you left us. I think you can easily imagine what a state my work at the Bank was in and that it has of course when every moment of the past 4 days to make up for last time. You remember the morning you left us I was quite ill. Well as soon as I had said the good bye I went to my chamber and took my bed. Before noon my throat grew so much worse that we were obliged to send for the Dr. found me in a high fever with an inflammatory sore throat. I was very sick in bed for about 5 days having he same severe pain in my head all the time that I had while at your home. It has left me very weak but if [??] possesses the strengthening qulalities it is said to think I shall be sufficiently strong ere long. It seems as long and as fast. I hardly think I have seen a really well day since my sickness in Canada-But now that cold weather is approaching, I am in hopes to be very well again.

I fear Like you had a dull time in Boston. Mr. Robinson felt very sorry that he could not procure you a pass into the [Fary?] Yard but as the Agent was away [??]. He [?] blamed me for not writing him of Lately your intention Hope he next time you come to B, you will stop long enough with time to make him to show you the sights I re'd today 2 letters sent you from [??] as you requested me to send your [Far?] and forward you the $11 enclosed. I did so and remit the same. Shall I send the letter on? The one from "Wilson's Crossing" I shall be obliged to open also as I've no envelope large enough to enclose them Please excuse.

Why Ike you can't think how much we all miss you. Poor Joe especially tho I must say it seems good to be able to sit down in peace once more- No one to plague me-why its just like Sunday all the time. I am glad though that there is a prospect of your coming on again so soon-for of course you will have a gay time in Boston and then too I am in hopes to feel better and treasure that so to make a visit with us pleasanter & livelier for I do fear you did not enjoy yourself much as I am sure and I will not have a very spirited opinion of your cousin for can train though Ike if will. Perhaps you've not forgotten the might of the [??] Supper [???] little then. Perhaps the [?] only a smile to what I [?]. Where think you will come on. How did your Pa like your purchases Did he think you were too economical? A fine time indeed [?] be hardly enjoying the [rail?] How much I wish I were with you. We are going to have but little sort [really] all ours [Hopes?] for the first of [??] ago. It [???] your [?] getting along. Feels quite enough to hear from it as you did not of it in your last I conclude [???] can't your ma come [???] as far as N.Y. we [??] it be very happy is have her please extend invite. She can leave N.Y. at night and be in at 9 next morn I fear Miss Ames has entirely forgotten as my last letters of nearly two months ago remains unanswered. Much owe to time all and to [Lizzie McK] family quite poor to by most [??] his Ma's attending any more [?] Remember us also to Dr. Ormiston much I would like to see him think such a very real-deal of his Photography. 'Tis so natural I can almost imagine he is with us. Write me often. I am feeling very tired and must say Good bye- Much to your dear Pa and your Mother.
Your aff [affectionate] Cous


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