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Nov 12 1900
To: Mary Hamilton Ontario

November 12
[Glenbow?] N.J.

Dear Isaac

As I have written your Mother how I have spent the winter, I will allow you to read that and will not say any more about myself but talk with you a little about yourself. I thank you so kindly for telling me about your affairs. I do not know why I thought as I did but I can say [?] to impressions and can gradually correct in time. When I talked with you so late the last time I was at your home you will remember I was not in favor of early engagements or marriages. It is because I should forever like yourself their changes. But if they do not know, they can do just good. The [?] in such expressions of our does not have faith in the year in the less of this could. I like very much what you have written and see you are not low or morose. Dear Isaac of [?] the said it proved to be but a passing joy [?] be and in [?] time but think it is for the best. Never let your heart lose the joy, the power of loving and feel that you are being cherished I talk of higher things than care. The man told of this would the more I can. If married hope the more I should. I fear [???] the more I believe it a [?] I can appreciate arrangements to be controlled unto with great caution. I am a strict believer in love, so strict that I dread to be a lover myself. So many love in imagination I love that the reality is a strange affair.

I hope it is for the best the most will cause just what you desire. But Isaac do not imagine that there is but one woman in the world! See that a woman loves you for years and that you to her. See that you know what you [?] really are and know one anothers faults as well as virtues. But I am no person to advise on love. My theory is to be sure and have plenty of love. I believe the woman who wrote the poems. When a woman's passionate nature goes astray then it speaks in any to what glimpses see [?] of myself. Another idea of mine is that suitable marriage thus should be [?] restraint over ones love. It is the secret of a good [?] if the misery of this would that people love themselves and their common [?] before the insight. After marriage love should increase. Before we should be getting acquainted. On the common plane of friendship people should court one another- Few would ever be made one, sure no love making allowed previous to marriage for the reason, common interest shows us it is such when just as we are all with no illusions, censed by fancy led by supposed love. In thanks again I say be a pure high-minded Christian man. And may God bless you in all your ways and see us do when you can.

Cousin Mary

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