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W1958 TO DR. C.B. MCQUESTEN from H.L. Ogden's Estate, Keyport, New Jersey, bill for drugs & receipt 1892
May 2 1892
To: Asbury Park NJ
From: No. 214 Main Street Keyport N.J.

H.L. Ogden, Dec'd

Keyport, N.J. May 2 1892. Mr. Dr. C.B. McQuesten1
Dear Sir:-The books of the estate of
Harry L. Ogden, dec'd, show a balance due from you of $7.80. The executors respectfully request a settlement of the same.
Payment can be made to the executors at Keyport, N.J. or Monmouth Trust Company, Asbury Park, N.J. and also at the drug store Asbury Park, N.J., lately carried on by the deceased.
Very respectfully yours,
A. Walling, Jr.,
B.B. Ogden,
Please bring this with you.
Received May 30th 1892 from Dr. McQuesten
Seven and 80/100 dollars
In payment of account due from Dr. McQuesten to estate of H.L. Ogden, dec'd
A.Walling and B.B. Ogden
Per Log

Asbury Park, N.J. Oct 31st 1892
Mr. MacQuesten [sic]
L.O. Grenelle successor
To Harry L. Ogden, Dr.
Manufacturer of and
Wholesale and Retail dealer in
Flavoring Extracts of Vanilla, Lemon, Almond, Rose, Etc.
Vanilla Beans and Oil of Lemon
No. 214 Main Street

Apr 24 Bromide Soda=0.05
Aug 8 Tooth powder= 0.25
Aug 12 4 oz Fr. Crichione=0.30
Aug 12 4 oz Paragene=0.30
Aug 25 100 Pills=0.50
Sept 9 Tooth Powder=0.20
Sept 9 Bromide Soda=0.05
Sept 14 Sundries=0.45
Sept 21 Prescription=0.35
Sept 24 Bromide Soda=0.05
Sept 24 Cough Syrup=0.20
Sept 24 Ammonia=0.08
Sept 24 1/4 Borax=0.07
Sept 28 Prescription=0.20
Oct 15 Phenacetin=0.25
Oct 15 3/4 Carb Lettuce=0.18
Oct 20 Valium Capsules=0.35
Oct 20 lealed Grain =0.10
1 But Subins Violet=.65
Rec'd Payment
L.O. Grenelle (sig.)

Asbury Park, N.J. Feby 1st 1893

Nov 19 Sundries =0.35
Nov 26 1 pt Alcohol=0.40
Nov 26 Thymol=0.05
Dec 16 Calisaya=0.50
Dec 29 Hand K. Ext=0.90
Dec 31 Sachet Powder=0.30
Dec 31 Hand K. Ext=0.70
Jan 4 1893 Thermometer=0.20
Rec'd Payment
L.O. Grenelle (sig)

1 For more information and a brief Bio. of Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, search on "Family" and click on his picture.

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